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My daily routine newborn baby

baby can sleep peacefully and quietly, when something disturbs - cold, hunger, pain.Often the baby to sleep prevent its chaotic motion legs and arms.A newborn baby may wake up from that dream of his limbs tremble.

But a newborn baby may wake up and some sound or change in background noise.

Many young parents dream about to have the baby had been got up as quickly as possible night's sleep.In the first month of life the baby often wakes up at night from hunger.It is therefore unacceptable to skip night feedings.The digestive system of the baby is still unstable, it can not remain without food for a long time, for example, the whole night.To teach the newborn to the regime of the day, it should be every night before bed to do the same hygiene.Later, the baby will be produced a reflex that after these procedures need to sleep.The first night's sleep before the baby should feed, bathe, or wash away, perepelenat.

Bathing a newborn baby should be every day before going to bed.The first three weeks in bathi

ng water should be added to a solution of potassium permanganate.The ideal water temperature for bathing - 37 degrees.Before bathing should wash tub with soap and water.First time to bathe the baby should be an assistant - with her husband or mother.When you get the hand, you can bathe crumbs and yourself, there is nothing difficult.Do not pour in too much water bath.Do not wash the baby every night with soap, the soap should be used 2-3 times a week.Wiping baby body can be a piece of gauze or other soft tissue.Newborn babies should be in the water not more than 5 minutes.

After a swim in the room should include a lamp with soft light, reduce the disturbing noises, ask relatives to talk softly.If your baby wakes up in the movements of the limbs should be swaddled him the night that he slept peacefully.To dream the baby is not disclosed, it should put him in a sleeping bag.In the evening should be prepared in advance all of the essentials that you might need for a night dressing child.During the night feedings do not talk with your child, it can be done only during the day.After a night of feeding immediately lay the baby.

Many parents do not know in which position it is best to put your child in the crib.Pediatricians recommend to lay the baby on the flank, but you can change the position of the baby.On the belly of the child is easier to fade gases, so if your crumbs colicky, often put him to sleep on his tummy, under the belly you can put the diaper heated.

daily routine newborn should be organized so that after feeding it while awake.Do not feed the baby as long as he does not fall asleep, because the baby from an early age should study the world around us.Try to keep a newborn baby suffered as little as possible the negative emotions that are affecting his nervous system.In the first month of life of the most optimum mode of Children's Day - one when after feeding the baby is awake in bed for 20-30 minutes.At this time, the child learns to talk, see, hear, touch.

In the child must attend mandatory daily walks.In the early days after birth walks can last 15-20 minutes, in the winter - 10 minutes.Gradually increase the time to walk 40 minutes.walking with newborn baby 2-3 times a day.It is not necessary to dress the child too warm as it can easily overheat.If the baby is sweating, blushing, then it is hot.In this case it is better to go home and change the baby.

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