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What is a must-buy for the baby

begin to shop better gradually advance.You can do this during maternity leave.Do not tighten with the necessary things to the last moment, do not always know when they can start labor.In order not to forget anything, better to make a list of things that consists of different categories.Armed with this list, you can not just parents.Give it to grandparents, friends - anyone who wants to take part on the acquisition of the pleasant bustle dowry for the baby.

The list can be endless, so let's focus on the fact that it is necessary to buy for the baby.

Firstly, it is hygiene.To handle the umbilical wound needed hydrogen peroxide and brilliant green, swimming - potassium permanganate.It takes wool, cotton swabs, sterile gauze.They can take a lot at once, as a reserve.During a change of diaper is very comfortable to use a damp cloth.Of course, if you care about the health of the baby, diapers get involved is not necessary, but immediately after discharge from the hospital a few pieces of diapers should alwa

ys be at your fingertips.For treatment of wrinkles on the skin, depending on the preferences take baby oil or talc.

Bathe your baby more comfortable in a small baby bath or in a basin in a large tub to bathe the child is dangerous.There are children's bath "hill", they are especially useful when you no help while bathing baby.Water can soak a large towel or warm diaper.Think maybe you need to buy a few plastic cups for water and ladle.

When bathing a child need to monitor the temperature of the water.For this purpose, often buy water thermometer, but if you trust your instincts, take it is not necessary.However, this thermometer is useful to you, and when you heat the milk or infant formula.

Check the domestic iron, because you now have a lot of children's clothes ironed.Old irons domestic production, which is still preserved in some families may not be suitable for such a mission.This relates primarily to the iron that many stroked synthetic materials.Their sole severely polluted and worn during cleaning.This iron can spoil things a child or leave them dirty.It is better to buy a new iron with a smooth sole, iron so will be much faster and more hygienic.

To shave the baby nails, it is necessary to buy a pair of scissors with rounded ends.Before using scissors processed alcohol.Special comb for kids has rounded ends on the teeth and hair brushes are usually made of natural bristle.

to buy for your baby a special children's medicine cabinet, which immediately have all the necessary medicines that may be needed to treat a child.Typically, in the medicine cabinet is already a thermometer, as doctors recommend to measure temperature in children every day in the morning.

to gentle children's skin is not irritated by detergents, need baby soap and washing powder for children.

child should sleep somewhere, so he needed a crib and stroller.Better to choose a bed made entirely of wood, such beds are more durable and are guaranteed to not emit harmful substances.However, sometimes it happens that the newborns comfortably sleep in a wheelchair.

for breastfeeding you will need a minimum of two bottles: one for milk and one or a mixture of water.To have a good wash bottle brush to buy.If you are going to buy a pacifier, you need to buy just two pieces.While you will handle one of them from the dirt, the other will be at the baby.

This is a short list of what it is necessary to buy for the baby.All these things need to care for a child in the very first days of his life, so for them it is necessary to take care in advance.

There are a lot of things other than those listed, who will have to buy for the baby, but you can do it later.For example, for swimming you need a shampoo "without tears" and a soft baby washcloth.Bathe your child better still not in a weak solution of potassium permanganate, and the bath with herbs: succession, chamomile, etc.

If you are afraid that the milk is lost, you can pre-buy infant formula.

to store all the baby supplies better take one seat, and the respective accessories for hygiene should be right next to the place where you swaddle the baby, wash it.

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