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Tips for young mothers to care for a newborn

Clean nose

How to clean mucus from the nose of a newborn?Thick allocation must be "clean."To do this, use lightly salted boiling some water or saline ready.Lay crumbs on the back, gently turn his head to one side.Pipetochkoy drip 1-2 drops of the solution into one nostril.Turn your head to the other side and repeat the manipulation of the second bow stroke.Liquefaction isolation must be removed.It is convenient to use a special vacuum aspirator.He looks like a syringe, that's just the tip of his wider and seals the entrance to the nostril.Squeeze the aspirator bulb, gently insert the tip into the nasal passage.Second hand, grasp the free half of the spout.Let go of the bag.You will hear a distinctive sound.Rinse aspirator and repeat on the other half of the nose.Newborn probably will not like what you're doing.Do not be alarmed if a pipsqueak began to spin and whining.For babies up to a year in any case can not be used in spray nozzle (can only be instilled saline).

nose drops

In order to dry the mucous membrane of the spout and remove the swelling of the newborn, doctors recommend the use of vasoconstrictive drops.They do not cure the common cold, but nasal breathing easier, remove the load from the ears.Bury spout necessary after purification of mucus, or a drug gets to the mucosa.Carefully inspect the bottle.Most often pipetochka built right into the lid of the bottle.Before drip spout baby, practice: type solution and press the rubber tip.Estimate how many droplets released when you press, you can see whether the level of the drug.This is important because the baby must be a small drip just 1-2 drops in each half of the nose.Lay the baby on the back, nose up.Sticking his head.It is better if you help.Deep dropper is not necessary to enter.Drip turns each nostril.Vasoconstrictor nose drops should be used with caution.Using drops not age, i.e. in a greater concentration exceeding dose or repeated instillation can cause poisoning.When purchasing tools, please specify for which age group it is intended.

drip ear

Most ear infections treated with the use of certain drops.Look at the kid card - doctor must specify not only the name of the medication, but the required number of drops in each ear, and the frequency of administration.Before instillation solution must be heated to body temperature.It seems to be not cold, the room temperature drops, introduced in the eye, causing extreme discomfort.Hold the bottle under hot running water, then drip itself on the inner surface of the skin of the forearm.If the desired temperature drops, you feel they are not in the newborn.Lay sick newborn eye upward.At an early age children ear canal direct, and there is no need to pull the ear: so you just deliver the pain remains.Just flip the bottle with a pipette to drip down and the required amount of solution.It is advisable to lay a little kid in that position.Close the ear canal a little ball of cotton wool.Almost all the drops are divided into those that can be used in simple or catarrhal otitis, and those that are allowed in the rupture of the tympanic membrane (purulent otitis perforated).Be careful!

Dai medicine

doctor prescribed medication kid: say, antipyretic drug or cough.What to choose the pharmacy: tablets or syrup?If your crumbs yet 3 years old, expressed a preference for the syrup: it is easier and more accurately dosed, besides it is easier to give a young child.Pay attention to the dose of medication, the doctor said, adding means when applied before or after a meal?Measure out the required amount of the drug (syringe-dispenser or measuring spoon) and carefully, not quickly enter the drug in the mouth.Suggest your child drink.Some drugs are produced in the form of rectal suppository.Most often it antipyretics, which act much more effectively in this way.Candle gently inserted into the anus crumbs rounded end, so that it disappeared completely in the canal.

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