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How to choose a stroller for the baby

But have you ever thought about how to choose the right stroller for your baby?This choice is very important, it will depend on your overall comfort, ease of movement and the safety of the child.The carriage, which is convenient for you and for your baby, bring a lot of pleasant moments outdoors.

When selecting wheelchairs should not only pay attention to her appearance.Even if you buy expensive and quality product, it may not be suitable to your circumstances.To avoid the frustration that comes after several outputs with the baby, you need to choose a stroller wisely.Pay attention to the number of things that surround you.

If you live in an apartment, the most difficult for you to go from her door to the exit door.Think about how you will overcome the stairs.If you live higher than 1-2 floors, and your home is no elevator, you should try to buy as much as possible easy carriage.Even if the store you thought that the rise of the carriage is consistent with your forces, do not forget that the child is

older.The total weight of the load will increase with the 10-12 kg.The inhabitants of the lower floors may opt for a stroller with removable cradle in which the baby can be transferred separately.

easier if your house has an elevator.One need only remember the size and width, which opened the doors of the elevator.Otherwise, you run the risk that the stroller will not pass in the door of the elevator, or will not have enough space inside to maneuver.It is unlikely that you will want to lay out the carriage-fold during each visit to the lift.Therefore, during the campaign for the purchase of wheelchairs is useful to grab a tape measure.

you have to use the transport, no matter what, personal or public.This means that the wheelchair should be easily and quickly folded.Here it is necessary to consider how compact stroller formed, whether to put in the trunk, you will interfere with other passengers in public transport.

Besides size stroller, it is necessary to pay attention to its sustainability.Try to shake carriage from side to side, tilt it, check to see whether the stroller will turn if the handle to hang a bag of groceries.Carriages with a metal frame is always stronger and more durable plastic.Great influence on the stability and maneuverability of a carriage has a tire size.The more they are, the better.Stroller with big wheels easier to climb stairs.The material from which made the wheels themselves are not principled.

Check the brake system strollers, it affects the safety of your child.All items that can be equipped with wheelchair should be easily removed and dress without the help of additional tools.What are the details provide a convenient use wheelchairs?Additional pockets for small things, mesh for toys, reversible handle.Do not forget that too much of all kinds of accessories usually means that some of them eventually will break or will interfere.

necessarily have to have a warm winter stroller cover the top and insulated cover for the feet of the child.In bad weather, the child must be protected from moisture and wind.

Experience shows that parents usually have to buy two carriages: a combined wheelchair and stroller-cane.The latter is very convenient for travel in public transport.Newborn babies, of course, that's enough for the first time a wheelchair, but when he grows up and learns to sit, lightweight stroller you need to be sure.

stroller for the baby is better to take sufficiently large that there is room "for growth."Children grow up quickly.After 6-8 months after the birth of a child often need to get a new stroller, because in the former he was already crowded.There are a few tips on how to choose the right stroller for your baby is older.These children are already very mobile and often fall out of the stroller.Completely prevent such cases are not always possible, but you can reduce injuries, if the seat carriage will be located closer to the ground.At a carriage-cradle must be high side.In any case, the child must be difficult to get out of the stroller.

Typically, each parent has an opinion about how to choose the right stroller.Alone difficult to remember everything you need to consider when choosing a stroller.Moreover, the mother is usually better versed in how functional and easy to use will stroller, and my father correctly assess its performance.Buying such a serious thing for a kid to do better together.

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