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Parent Meeting: children and money

Introduction to

At the dawn of human life Money does not appear.As in the beginning of human history.The child liked someone a fire truck?There are three relatively fair method of weaning:

a) grab it and run away from the sandbox (the seizure of another's property);

b) repulse a fight (war);

c) to pay for her own bored tank (peaceful exchange "goods - goods").

metabolism. Exchange - the prototype of money relations, and propensity for it indicates a high level of development.Books, magazines, toys, CDs - every object has a child in the eyes of some value, largely illogical, emotional.For example, an expensive German doll girl easily change to a huge "kitaychatinu" almost a shoe box.

exchange of the "goods-money-is-Var" is a child's consciousness at different times.Basically this program the family.It is believed that children and money - are incompatible, the main thing - developing the garden, a music studio.But thinking about the high, do not forget that only you can instill in children the

correct and relaxed attitude to money.If this vaccine will make a late someone else's life values ​​with other possible complications.

first meeting. Letting money in a child's life can be about 2.5-3 years, along with other small items.For him, it is just familiarity.

Playing with the baby to the store, use your imagination a parent: take no buttons and coins.Wash them together, clean tooth powder - at the same time show that the money is dirty.

For a child 5-6 years can otkserit paper notes of different countries - will, by the way, an occasion to talk about the history and geography.Preschoolers are able to help you pay at the store, lay in the change purse, "We come first paper money counted and stowed in a pocket, they are the most important, and then you coin."

serious relationship. Gradually every child begins to understand that the money may be converted to any of the things - toys, ice-cream, a ticket to the circus.Already at 4-5 years children are able to stand out among the congregation desires reasonable - of course, including some degree of pampering and pleasure.

recoup these concepts in a scene with a doll spoiled or greedy bear that require, for example, 10 ice cream "Gourmand".But every year your games to be closer to real life.

children grow - grow their wants and needs.What is not the same thing.Jeans - a demand (need).Designer jeans - this desire (want).It remains to find a way (can).To make the purchase is necessary and sufficient to "need," "I want" and "can" come together in one point.But ...

«Parents - Moldova finally - complains 14-year-old psychologist Paul H. - They find it is your" I "only the most necessary" need "to not go naked!» note that Pashanot the "Wild Child" - a nice, advanced teenager.In jeans from Armani.

task of parents, and sometimes a psychologist - the younger the baby open-zherebenochku its own capabilities.Where are these magical resources, to have enough to "want"?The capital of each of the young tycoon stands on three pillars: pocket money donated and earned.

Three Sources and Three Component Parts

pocket expenses. most common small daily amount are really needed for children from 6-7 years.Article was mainly food - juice or muffin on the break.But you can do without the bun!15 rubles a day - 30 rubles for two days.How much will save by Saturday ... Do not scold the child, if it saves.But it is advisable to learn how to spend money, prioritize, be thrifty.

teachers believe that within 3-4 months the child gets used to consider the change, to store money, remember how many of them left.Here's what you can not categorically younger children - it is planning.They have no idea what a "three weeks".If the pocket to pay a month in advance, of which nothing remains after 5-6 days.Therefore, in the early years give money at least 1 time per week.

Pocket revenues increase with the age of our children.How much to pay?No universal recipe.As long as you remain a child loved one, you can easily imagine its real needs.He had a girl?Friends frequented the gym?We'll have to take into account these costs, and the costs of "glands", cinema, cafes ...

important. pocket money issued in the prescribed amount within a specified period, are not subject to reporting (in any case, explicit) and may not be removed either as a punishment or replenished in the event of loss or wasteful spending.

Gifts. most Russian psychologists believe that giving money to a child 14-16 years is not worth it.Focuses on his wishes - yes, choose with him - yes, to hand over the envelope - no!The value of an envelope translated as follows: "I have money, but no time for you.I do not care what you're wondering what your thoughts are occupied.Let's legs in the hands of itself. "

If, however, one of the relatives gave a piece of paper - rejoice with your child!But the subject: "Remember, you're dreaming of a garage for the machines?Aunt Ira felt like!Tomorrow will go together to buy a gift on her behalf. "With a teenager, these numbers do not take place, and it is not necessary.Just talk: how he will dispose of the money - proest for ice cream or buy something worthwhile?

important. child does not have to spend donated money anyhow.Agree that it puts forward the proposal and take a decision together in a family council.

child labor. hardly necessary to seriously discuss the issue: whether to pay money for school, cleaning or walking the dog?Do not impoverish the high motivation of the daily duties - the desire for self-development and success, the desire to help parents, love for animals.Another thing -premii bonuses paid "overtime."6 scrub tiles in the kitchen to collect 2 liters of raspberry in the country is the person for 6-7 years a real feat of labor, for which you can reward.A great option - obschesemeyny work, which will together earn some money or save money.For example, the family of 12-year-old Misha K. twice a year, the Pope washes the windows in the office.Half of the money earned in the traditionally eaten through "Baskin Robbins", and the rest is divided equally among everyone.And while mom is easier to give Misha money just (not a poor family), for some reason she had three years satisfied the "Saturday", sometimes prihvatyvaya Misha and friends.

officially get a job can be since 14 years.For example, in Messenger, promoter, landscapers and social research interviewing teenagers ads easier to get in the summer, during the holidays.The first two "profession" require or help develop adolescent communication skills, the ability to navigate around the map, count time.Maximum payment in Moscow - 6,5-8 thousand. Rubles per month.If your child matured decided to look for a job - do not run ahead of the engine!Easier for you to identify and weed out shady deals and gently "slip" standing.But!The final point in the choice of the applicant must place itself.

important. money earned child has the right to spend on themselves.But if he wants to buy the whole family ice-cream cake - a good sign.You can advance to tell the story of the first salary father, grandmother, big sister.

the end of our impromptu parent-teacher meeting the children and money are not such and incompatible concepts.But I would like to pay more attention to the fact that, despite the best efforts of the adults, sometimes children are still on the path of thievery.Children steal money.Why is that?

5 main causes of child THEFT

1. insufficient attention from parents .Nedolyublennosti children try to draw attention to themselves at least in this way - look, I am a thief!By the way, with the object of theft could be anything.And stealing stuff from my mother's bag here - the most "harmless" option.

2. need for self-affirmation .One cool chase the ball, the second on mathematics all the time pulling her hand up.And if neither one nor the other - how to stand out?That would be cool to buy a "chip" so that all crowded to see!Especially true of teenagers.

3. desire to be no worse than other .It is aimed first at the toys, and then - on clothes, "bells and whistles" and pocket money.

4. temptation impunity .When the money "account no" when mom and dad randomly shove papers in his pockets and a chest of drawers, a child can be difficult to resist.

5. extortion by older boys - this occurs most often in school or in the yard.


Natalya Panfilova family psychologist

There will always be people who are richer than you.How to help correct it take?They begin to evaluate and compare the different families buying opportunity since 6-8 years.Compare the first toy, and then clothes, an apartment, a car.And the questions begin:

- Mom, why do we have in the country there is no pool?Why Katya driver carries?Will you buy a bike, like Pavlik?Tambourines answered angrily: "We do not have that kind of money, leave me alone" - is not an option.You pound the issue in depth, awaken in the child the envy and greed, self-esteem to drop.What to do?

Rule №1. not lose emotional contact - communicate!With older children, you can talk about the future: "From your envy, nothing will change.Do you want a car - let's think about what and when to do it will be for.We will help you. "Kids, on the contrary, is switched on and momentary: "Just think, the bike!We go here tomorrow with Dad to the zoo. "But do not build further plans for a small child in a year - it means never.

Rule №2. Do not think that only children are proud of things.If you only knew how they boast our deeds!My mother's pies, my father's beach volleyball, the elder brother in the car rolled ... constantly nourished children admired personal and family achievements.

Rule №3. amount of money, which are found in the child, should depend on three factors: a) the possibility of the family, b) the child's needs, and c) the material level of his classmates.These factors are equal!

Rule №4. level environment, choose the environment in advance.Needless to "blow up", earning money to an elite school, if your child is there to be ashamed of their machines or cheap Chinese shoes?Choose a school, section, studio, where it is not necessary to come to his own stallion and diamond studs.

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