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How often should bathe the baby?

Where to bathe?

Many parents specifically for this purpose to buy a baby bath.However, such a purchase is more convenient, more for mom, dad and baby safety.But to swim bring tangible benefits to health, pipsqueak should not be constrained in his movements.Available to move arms and legs, roll over from the back to the belly or dive can only be in a large tub.All of this - a great charge for the muscles and immune system a good workout.And in order for you not to worry for the health of the newborn, wash tub.Do not use the means of industrial production, and ordinary soda.

water temperature

With its choice of leadership is not their own feelings and reactions to the temperature of the baby.Much more comfortable temperatures around 37 ° C.But that warm water does nothing to health!If you want to combine hygiene with heals, the water should be cool - not above + 35 ° C - it will not allow the baby to relax, enhance blood flow, stimulate metabolism.

been added to the water the grass?

Pediatricians do not recommend abusing different decoctions and infusions, especially if you yourself have a tendency to allergies - it can provoke dermatitis in the newborn.Bathe your child with healthy skin with herbs recommended no more than once a week.Win-win for this - the infusion series.In a standard bathtub you need i glass grass that needs to be brewed with boiling water, let it brew under the lid closed for several hours.Then strain the infusion.In all other cases, add the broth and herbal infusions should be only after consultation with your doctor.

Should I close the door in the bath?

If not produced a draft, do not be.Do not be afraid, that pipsqueak can catch a cold, much more harm it will cause a sharp temperature drop when he gets after the water treatments in the room.Also during bathing tub is filled with water vapor, chlorine content which can sometimes go off-scale.Believe me, it is not the best environment for children not strong body.

How to prepare your child to water procedures?

Any swimming - is the load on the body, so you need to start your baby how to warm up.For this perfect massage and gymnastics.Take on the u-15 minutes each procedure, and then you can proceed directly to bathing.

At what time to bathe?

ideal time for swimming - the evening before the last feeding.If you spend on the rules of this procedure, the baby is slightly tired, "naplavatsya 'appetite, good food and sweet sleep for at least 5 hours.It happens that some kids are so excited after the swim, which put them on the night sleep is difficult.These kids better than to bathe in the morning or afternoon.

How to bathe?

Immerse the crumbs into the water completely, supporting it with one hand under his head: another - chin.If the baby is actively began to move arms and legs, then the temperature suits him, if he is relaxed and calm, the next time you can by one degree lower it.Then flip it over onto his stomach, keeping baby's chin with one hand - and let it go for a swim in this position.You can teach your baby to dive (reflex breath away to 2.5 months) or a float.How to do it right, you tell the pediatrician.

How long swim?

The average newborn enough to swim in the water of minutes.By 3 months, you can increase the time to 15 minutes.And to six months your toddler will be happy to splash around in the water for half an hour.If during a swim in the nose or mouth of the child is exposed to water, nothing wrong with that.Quite the contrary - after clearing his throat and prochihavshis, baby cleanse nasal mucosa from dust and dirt.

How often should you wash your baby?

immediately with soap and water or foam to wash the baby is no more than twice a week.For infants that is enough.Only when he starts to crawl, such procedures can be done daily or as desired wash crumbs a day.At the same time to lather kid, not necessarily to use a washcloth - enough mother's gentle hand.Sponge you may need in the event that there are crumbs crust color (gneiss).Pour a little foam on a washcloth or shampoo and massage your head.After you have finished washing the baby, rinse it with clean water and wrap in a diaper.

Can I wash soap crumbs?

While bathing the baby in any case can not use alkaline soaps.Substances contained therein, destroying the protective layer, which serves as a reliable barrier against pathogenic bacteria.If you want to use soap for washing, give preference to children, which includes lanolin, glycerin, vegetable oils or moisturizing lotion - these additives soften its effect.

What to do after a swim?

wrapped in a diaper baby take on the changing table and gently pat the diaper.In no case do not rub!Then treat all wrinkles special baby oil.If you have a diaper rash, use powder or a special cream under the diaper.Pay special attention to the genitals of the baby.The boy did not forget to grease the crease under the scrotum, a girl, wipe with a cotton swab dipped in lukewarm water, sex gap.The direction of motion of the latter is strictly - front to back.And do not forget the ears.The ear canal insert tightly curled swab, do not remove it until dry scalp (cotton swab will absorb water well caught in the ears).

Means for bathing baby

Even experienced parents wonder lost in the abundance of cosmetics for bathing babies.Choosing foam or shampoo crumbs, pay attention to the following points.

  • The pH

Contrary to popular belief, its performance should not be equal to the value of 5.5 - has a pH of adult skin.The kid, he mildly and is 6.8, and therefore the pH of funds for bathing a newborn should have a value.After a few weeks it will be approached to adult performance, and you can use the funds with a neutral pH.

  • composition

Carefully read the label.It should not be specified banned preservatives, active supplements and bright colors.Needless There should not be too bright color (best that it be colorless) or strong odor.

  • Additives

If your pipsqueak is prone to allergies, not get carried away by means of plant extracts - they can trigger its display.In all other cases permitted additives in baby shampoo foams and extracts considered succession, chamomile, lavender.