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Choose a name for the child's patronymic

and opinions on how to choose a name for the child's patronymic, there are many.

Before picking a name for a child on the calendar - the church calendar.And everything was simple: each day had some patron-saint.On what day the baby was born, the name and received.And the patron - along with the name.On the fortieth day after the birth of a child baptized, fixing it by name.

However, very often in families up to 17 years, baby name or nickname, or another name to "deceive the evil spirits."These beliefs have a history more ancient than Christianity.And many of them are preserved to this day.

For example, it is recommended not to give the child the name of a deceased relative.Especially if he died early, and even tragedy.It is believed that with the name of the child will inherit and troubles, and short life.

However, to give the names of newborn surviving relatives, especially parents, are not advised.First of all, the signs are assured that the newborn will not help you to select the vital energy fr

om his namesake.It is also believed that the existing name of each Guardian Angel will not be able to cope with the protection of the two wards in the same house.

Modern psychologists confirm the undesirability of such a choice.However, its recommendations to motivate other reasons.Thus, it is believed that the boys "double" type name Sergey, Mikhail, Ivan grow capricious and unbalanced.And girls who are namesakes of their moms, rarely find common language with them.At the same time, folk traditions advise women delivering only daughters, the younger called his name.They say that in this case, definitely will have a son.

Sometimes, choosing the name, the parents followed the political changes.Especially evident "novotvorchestvo" in terms of names in the post-revolutionary period.The people, freed from the need to name children in accordance with the instructions of the priests began to give them the names of the composed - abbreviations: Vilor (a) - "Vladimir Ilyich Lenin October Revolution" Dazdraperma (Long live May 1), Oktiabrina (a).Then came Stalin Afrikantov, Changi.

Babies hard with such names.Often, a name all his life hiding behind other, less pretentious.And with a male name heavy "legacy" and are sometimes passed to the next generation.Try to imagine what patronymic turned in children Chang.Son - Changovich.And the daughter?Would you like to have a middle name?

course, parents always want the child to wear, if not unique, it is a rare name.Especially if the surname and first name the kid gets refined.However, choosing a rare baby name, not get carried away exotic.Think about what your child will be among peers.Yes, and your grandchildren - will carry it?

opposite situation occurs when choosing the name of a long-awaited child of parents follow fashion trends.And if a few years ago all the time were born Violetta, Snezana, Kristina, Karina, now came the Zakharov, Akimov, Terentyev and Matveev.

This approach is fraught with the complications.A child with the same name may experience discomfort, appearing surrounded by many other children of the same name.Yes, and what you will be if your call will result in the courtyard of a dozen children?

Perhaps the best way to choose the right name of the baby will help common sense.Each of the options appearing not just ponder, and articulate."Try the taste."Match it with the middle name, with the name.Please rate and the full name and abridged versions, and affectionate form.

important point in today's world - a slight spelling in the international version.Think about the future of his son, how will look his name in the passport.Difficulties with the spellings of certain Russian sounds can increase the likelihood of future errors in the design documents.And sometimes it seems to be the name of the great Russian Sergei can give an undesirable option Ser gay internationally writing.

Think about what is causing your association or some other name.What kind of person do you remember when you hear it?Keep in mind that the images pop up in your subconscious mind at the sound of the name of the child, will be projected on his fate.For example, if the name of Marina associate you with the image of Marina Tsvetaeva, take the time to call them to his daughter.Of course, the girl can be passed poetic gift namesake.But usually much more easily transmitted negative.In this case it may be the future of personal disorder, severe relationship with his mother, with his own children.

Even if you do not believe in horoscopes and predictions, should read the book values ​​of names.Whether we like it or not, but the name of the selected effect on the character formation of the child.What will it be - soft and pliable and vigorous and principled - largely depends on your decision today.Its effect is even the way in which an abridged version you call your baby.For example, it is seen that Vova and Laura a lot firmer and purposeful those childhood named Volodya and Lёlyami (or Lyalyami).

can hardly be considered a reasonable choice of name by the draw of the options referred to all family members.A striking example of the possible outcome can be considered an episode of the cartoon "Three of the Buttermilk", where the calf was about to call the kettle.

should be careful to use the names that can be called both boys and girls.Especially in combination with the names that have not declined.For example, Sasha and Valia Nechitailo Petkun - a boy or girl?

Thinking about how to choose a name for the child's patronymic, you will meet with a variety of tips and theories.All of them should be considered.After giving the baby a name, you largely determines his fate.But sometimes it happens that all the elaborate options fall the mere sight of a newborn.Simply it becomes obvious that it should call different.In this case, trust your child.Take the time to execute documents: take some time, and it will tell you how it should be called.

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