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What you should know a young mother?


pupochek require special care during the mother from birth to the first month.It is important to follow closely to keep it clean and dry, soak it for this 2 times a day with a cotton swab dipped in hydrogen peroxide and then hlorofilipte or zelenke.If suddenly appears pupochke pus and foul odor, it is necessary to pay attention to this doctor or health visitor (crumbs that visits a day).Before healing the navel of the child should be bathed in boiled water and a weak solution of potassium permanganate.

Colic Colic - a "scourge" of the first three months of life.Typically, the state colic begins closer to the night, more often in boys.To my mother could help the baby, lay him on his tummy or on her lap before each feeding, and after 20-30 minutes after a meal - it facilitates output GAZ cars (and trains the muscles of the neck), hot water bottle or a diaper often bring relief.As an indispensable thing - venting ducts that can be made from rubber enema, cutting off her top.But to use it

should be rarely, and only with a doctor's permission.Certain analyzes (eg, scatology stool tests for bacteria overgrowth and carbohydrates) can identify the cause of colic, and prescription medications enzymes and organize the work of digestion.

Obstruction of lacrimal

sign of obstruction of lacrimal - pus that is released from one or both of the inner corners of the eyes, as well as state of the tears in the corner of the eye.A pediatrician or eye doctor will prescribe washing and show how to perform a special massage aimed at to push gelatin plug the tear duct.If up to 3 months washing and massage did not help, the assigned sensing - a mini-operation that takes only 2-3 minutes, a specialist fine needle pushes the cork.

Tone Tone - a frequent diagnosis of newborns.When the tone pipsqueak tense, arms and legs are pressed against the calf, with "pacing" fingers are folded inside.When flaccid baby too relaxed, badly expressed grasping reflex, with "pacing" slowly drags feet or rearranges them all.Both condition often treated massage courses, special gymnastics and swimming in a bath with sea salt and pine extract.In addition to this drug may be prescribed support.


Bathing baby - is an important and serious ritual of the day for mom and baby."Formula" swimming is simple: clean, clear water with a temperature of 36-37 degrees and caring, confident hands of parents.At first, "swims" you can do the usual children's soap, which is used about twice a week to not overdry the delicate skin of the child.On that day, when you wash the baby with soap (gel), in advance prepare a jug of clean, warm water from which will rinse the crumb.The first immersion in water is better to start from the legs, gently pour some water and breast tummy and only then completely omit child in a special children's bath.If a child is afraid of water, you can bathe crumbs in diapers, baby experiences sensations similar to the womb.If none of the options did not help, it is necessary to make a break by wiping with a damp cloth for child care until they forgotten the negative emotions associated with taking a bath.Bathe your baby up to 6 months, it is desirable every day to avoid problems with the skin: irritations and diaper rash occur due to diapers, as well as accumulating in the folds of skin milk residues and sweat.Do not be afraid to wet ears that gets into the ear certainly spilled water back washing ear.The head should be washed every time you swim, alternating between plain water and soap / shampoo (from birth).


Washing suited to provide for the changing table.Each eye is washed with a separate swab dipped in boiling water, the movement from the outer corner to the inside.To care for the spout use special wicks that are out of the ordinary wool spinning and the people affectionately called "turundy" soaked in sterile oil.Ears cleaned with a damp cotton swab only outside, inside it is not necessary to climb even "turundy" not to damage the ear canal.The mouth until the teeth does not require special care.The exception is oral thrush, which is caused by the fungus candida.One of the signs - not passing white coating on the tongue.Consult your doctor, who will prescribe appropriate treatment, often washing soda solution, and brown in glycerol.

intimate questions

mother to wash the baby need after each diaper change.Girls tempted severely from front to back, the boys can wash away in any direction.Outside the house, you can use baby wipes that contain special cleansing lotion, caring for delicate baby skin.


celebrations on the street - it's fresh air, sunlight (vitamin D, which is necessary for the absorption of calcium, is the prevention of rickets) and hardening.Dress up your baby need one layer of clothing more than to dress themselves.If the child does not show concern asleep, so he feels comfortable.To check, not frozen or overheated Do not kid gingerly touched his neck from behind.The first festivities lasts only 10-20 minutes, it can be carried out on the balcony, wearing a baby for the season, or go out without a wheelchair to the entrance.Gradually while walking increases up to 1.5-2 hours.Exposure to direct sunlight is not desirable crumb, an ideal place to sleep in the open air: tranquil, shaded by trees in the open, away from the roads.Clinic: the end of the first month will be marked by major bypass of medical specialists (neurologist, ophthalmologist, ENT, orthopedic surgeon, a pediatrician).Vaccination plan: re-vaccination against hepatitis.


«Blooming 'Baby, which may begin around the second week of life and continues until the end of the second month - a rash of various types (from small red dots to be the" adult "acne), caused by a riot of hormonesand adaptation to the new external skin conditions - does not require special treatment (voldyriki not comb, wash decoction of herbs, antiseptic, as a sequence, chamomile and so. d.), and runs independently.

Transient lactase deficiency

Currently, such a diagnosis is found in every second child and may be the main reason for continuing colic.Identify it helps fecal carbohydrates.The physician prescribes a special enzyme that helps digest lactose (milk sugar).


Walking increased to 3-4 hours a day.Typically, babies sleep well on the street, but if pipsqueak awoke in a good mood and had not yet hungry, do not rush home.Lift the child out of the stroller, tell us what he sees over his fingers on different surfaces (bark, twigs, leaves).All this is great kid develops and increases interest in the world around them.

Marigold Marigold

often nadlamyvayutsya themselves, but if the child injures itself handles it is possible to accurately cut the nails to the level of finger nail scissors or clippers special children.

causeless tantrums

They usually happen during this period.When a hundred times to check the temperature of the body, are a cure for colic, baby fed and "prokakan" and like just woke up, and the tears and crying does not stop.Scientists have not fully figured out the cause of these tantrums, but one theory is that the baby at this age already takes quite a number of stimuli and the brain does not have time to process information.

first massage

usually appointed for a third month.Preventive (or therapeutic) removes or increases the tone (depending on the destination), the baby develops physically, struggling with illnesses such as immature joints, paresis, and more.The specialist will show a set of exercises, the child's position on age.Clinic: bypassing specialists such as a neurologist, orthopedic surgeon and pediatrician.Vaccination plan: re-vaccination of hepatitis B vaccine and DTP.By the end of the third month of the baby makes no attempt to roll over or crawl from this age is particularly high risk of falling, on this, since birth, never leave your baby alone on the exposed surface.Turning to take the right thing, keep your hand on the child.There are no strict rules as diapers.However, it should be remembered that the diaper - a tool of personal hygiene of the child.Therefore, it should be changed as often as possible, without waiting for its content.For newborn babies need 10 diapers a day for older children - about 4-6 shifts.A common recommendation is to change a diaper every three to four hours during the day and use one diaper change frequency at night.