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How to organize a children's holiday home

Rule 1. feast too often

Of course, if you try, the goal for a lot of reasons can be found for a device of children's holiday.But if entertainment events will be too much, they will automatically lose their value in the eyes of your child.To maintain the intrigue hold three main reasons: birthday, New Year and prom at the end of each academic year.You can add to this the harvest festival in late August, if you are with a child in the country.

Rule 2. planning a holiday, be guided by the age of your young guests

Some parents collected the little guests even on the first day of the birth of their baby and are struggling to entertain unreasonable brood.But kids quickly get tired of the bustle, and the holiday becomes for them just in violation of the regime.And what this means, parents know better than others: children overexcited and then bad sleep.If you talk sensibly, the youngsters up to four years with a bright holiday games and guests do not need at all, it makes more sense to gather at

a table close relatives, let them quietly and peacefully congratulate the kid will hand him gifts, and then my mother will take the birthday boy in a crib.But when a child in kindergarten for are friends, you might think about providing them with a home matinee.

Rule 3. not invited to feast too many children

First, they will be more difficult to organize, and secondly, they will split into groups and quarrel.

It is believed that a visit to the child can invite as many guests as he was full years.Of course, this rule can be broken if the child has the company of more friends.In this case, if someone is not called, it will end offense.Ideally, young children must come with their parents, because you do not know what might be the reaction to what is happening at the child, he shall not eat, and so on. D.

Rule 4. If you want to make a holiday truly memorable childrendo not try to "buy" his side

standard programs with the clowns in the cafe and children's clubs may already be familiar with your guests, and therefore uninteresting.Even if you have a lot of money, it is unlikely you will be able to reach the children's souls, not giving them a piece of his.It happens that the clowns and puppets confuse names birthday, do not behave too politely.Maybe only once and should use the occasion of the professionals, but in no case do not do it a family tradition.Adults sitting at the table deliberately aloof from the children's fun - that's where lies the beginning of the future generations, particularly the conflict in your family.

Rule 5. sure to decorate and prepare the apartment for the celebration

children's holiday home for a child - it's not only the coveted day, but it's Eve, when the Pre-training runs.Much more interesting to inflate the balls themselves, and then they hang up, getting on the ladder (it can make children ranging from 9-10 years).Special pleasure - to invent and produce invitation to guests who may not be just pieces of paper, and ancient scrolls, paper flowers, and so on. D. Independently, you can also make colorful garlands of paper flags, wall exhibition of drawings and photos, New Year's wall newspaper.

Rule 6. If you have prepared your child for a holiday unusual outfit, think about how to make the other kids looked no worse

organize a real masquerade, as a rule, it is difficult: you have to negotiate with their parents all the invited childrenand they do not have the time nor the strength.Therefore, if you want company looked impressive baby, take care of this in advance: purchase (better make yourself) nice masks, hats and capes for the guests and the house owner, if the birthday boy, dressed up in fancy dress.To prevent children quarreled over masks, at the beginning of the holiday, you can make a win-win lottery in which everyone will be able to win the outfit itself.

Rule 7. festive meal should not be everyday

For children it is important that the food in the first place, was beautiful, and secondly, that it was easy and fun to absorb.On the festival is to discard the standard representation of the full baby food (salads first and then hot with a garnish).For children of all ages will approach the food, organized in the form of a buffet: small pieces of trim on a few dishes that are easy to pick up and put in your mouth, do not get dirty hands at the same time.Too much food does not cook - would not eat.Sit down for a long time at the table and propose a toast, as adults do, not necessarily children.Put them disposable plates and resistant shatterproof glasses for drinks.Individual events can be making a birthday cake and extinguishing candles.If it's just a holiday, it is better to do without a cake at all.Serve the tea small cakes - will be enough.

Rule 8. sure to think in advance how you will entertain the children's company

Select the game and, if necessary, prepare for their inventory.This does not mean that children will enjoy all the games that you are planning.If for some reason the game is not formed, it is better not to insist.

Rule 9. If you have time to prepare, solve for the perfect holiday - themed

In this case, all your holiday turns into a single interactive show devoted to some selected topic.It is particularly convenient to carry out such activities in the country, because there is where to turn.For example, you can choose the most favorite options for children - "Robinson Crusoe" and "Treasure Island" - and combine.In advance you must think of the sequence of events: for example, first arriving guests dress up in costumes (prepared by you), then they invent a pirate nicknames, then you must "throw them on a desert island."You can build a ship out of cardboard boxes and mimic his downfall.Then invite the children to "get your own food" - for them it is much more interesting than just to sit at the table set.For example, children can send a "mushroom" (it is necessary to advance in the garden under the trees dotting round trays of growing out of dill and parsley mushroom Amanita muscaria, made of tartlets with cheese and tomatoes).Bananas and oranges can be hung anywhere (in an imaginary palm), and in turn to climb over the fruit.After eating, it's time to go in search of "treasures."Bottle "yellowed up" inside let the children find in the old grandmother's chest.The plan will be the first note of a series of "look in Boots": as a result of a chain of such notes should lead the company to the place of burial "treasure" (this can be a basket with gifts, or just something tasty).There are other subjects for theme holidays: fairy tale, princess celebration, etc.

Rule 10. If you come up with something interesting, but not in a position to do this, use the services of the company organizing events, whose members agree to "work" on your script

not be ruled out that a professional scriptwhich offers a firm, like you even more.But do not organizing domestic children's events, to shift all "on someone else's uncle," otherwise disappear importantly - home warmth and lovely artisanal.Let part of the company limited by any one glaring number (the unexpected arrival of a wizard-magician, fireworks outside the window, and so on. D.).If the event is taking place in the country, you can order the company holiday attractions - trampolines, slides, mazes.

Rule 11. not start a game in which the winner gets a prize: gifts should get all the participants of the event

Even if you do not provide games with prizes, it is necessary to give something small guests goodbye.It is desirable that the gifts do not differ in value (they can only be separated into "male" and "female").It can be various stationery, stickers, colorful hairpins, small toys or trinkets.Output can be found, even if you did not buy gifts specifically.Let's say your apartment was decorated with balloons, and by the end of the holiday, they still exist.Then issue the children at least one ball.For gift giving is simple to hold a competition or lottery.Let each child, going from your holiday feels like a winner!

Rule 12. Think carefully about "safety" at every stage of the holiday

Carefully review the plan a party not to miss the critical moments.Your main task - to make sure that all the children were in the shoe and not frozen, so that no one ate too much sweet, do not cut yourself, got into a fight and so on. N.

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