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Delicate Narcissus Paper


  • two sheets of colored paper square shapes (yellow and green);
  • line;
  • scissors.

Narcissus paper - step by step guide

Building hexagon:

  1. Fold the square diagonally yellow.One of the sides divided into two parts.The upper quarter and divided into equal parts.In the center make a bend.Fold from the center, combining the line half a quarter.

  2. second part of the folded sheet close to the first.Turn the blank line mark cutting line.Cut unnecessary part.
  3. Open blank.I learn hexagon, with whom we will be working on.

Addition flower:

  1. Fold the piece along the diagonals of all the peaks, just to make creases between all nodes.Total should have 12 lines.
  2. bend the lines, sharp angles to fill in, the line between the vertices output.

  3. From the top of the figures add up half one and the other side of the spread.Repeat the same with the other three reversals.

  4. the folded half spread, pin on top, fold along the lines.Repeat six times - with all the others.

  5. from the bottom to the center of the two bend corner.

  6. Spread upward, fold along the lines, combine the upper edge, the resulting diamond bend on both sides, then fold down.Repeat six times.

  7. Then the fun.Open blank!

  8. folded in half so that the sharp corner sticking out from under the paper.Align the center of the figure the center of the base of the triangle built of creases.In a place bending to make a mark in the two sections.

  9. Repeat for all vertices.Gotta get out of the vicious circle marks.

  10. The obtained lines start to put a figure inside.

  11. Back to the blank state, with which we began to deploy figure.

  12. Wrap folded diamonds into the workpiece.Repeat six times.

  13. remaining corners to wrap up.Repeat for all corners.

  14. Select a clean turn.Fold over the edge.

  15. Fold the corner to the center.

  16. combine both of addition.

  17. Do the same for the other side, and the other six turns.

  18. Go to the middle, flower.Combine two faces, wrap them into the area.Similar folds make in one area.

  19. Spread petals.

  20. To revive the flower, straight corners bend outward.

Addition petals

  1. Fold the green square on the diagonal.Fold the lines between the diagonals.Angles straighten out.

  2. Fold the bottom corners to the center.

  3. Fold the corners, fold down the upper triangle.

  4. began to reveal the figure below.

  5. continue expanding until the "boat".

  6. Push to "board the boat."Fold into shape.

  7. Repeat for the opposite side.
  8. Grasp the two opposing tip.

  9. Pull simultaneously - the tips of the sides, the base figure upwards.

  10. Grasp the fingers of the middle blank, folded them up, get in shape, "boat".

  11. Grasp the base of the folded "wing", the center and pull down.

  12. Do the same for the other side.

  13. resulting figure "perelistnut."

  14. bottom corners bend upward.

  15. Again "perelistnut" figure.

  16. Fold the top corners to the center.

  17. Expand figure bends inward.

  18. One corner is bent.

  19. Release bend down.

  20. ¬ęPlant" stem bud narcissus.

Narcissus is graceful, even when the blossoms alone.Imagine as luxuriously will look a whole bunch, made with his own hands!

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