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Jumping Frog Origami

This toy is made of paper will not only please the eyes, it can be actively playing.To simplify the diagram offer basic bends.


  • sheet of paper (origami specialized or ordinary photocopy);

  • markers, crayons, colored pencils (optional for decoration).

origami jumping frog - step by step guide

  1. If the sheet is not square - Bends it obliquely, cut off the excess.

    Note: both ends must be the most clearly in contact with each other, then further your frog will be more smooth and bouncy.
    Square ready.

  2. Then, working with the workpiece - bend it horizontally, unbend back.

    After such actions remain a fold line, which will be easier to produce bend the paper.Further, bend vertically.

    With this rectangle will be working on.

  3. rectangle is divided in half by a fold line.Upper square bend horizontally, then turns back.After - sheet bend at an angle - the right and straighten, then to the left, and also straighten.It should get a "flake" of 6 rays, which are collected at a single

  4. Next, you need to make a "hood" - bend edge in the form of a triangle.How to do - tell the video.

  5. Next, do the frog front legs - Fold the edges of the triangle up.

    Then - we put a frog in half the body.

  6. bottom edges of the rectangle - Bends to the middle as the shirt.

    Then - a narrow rectangular portion crafts folded in half horizontally.

  7. Do frog hind legs.To this end, the lower part of crafts into a "boat", pulling the side triangles.How to do it - will show video clip.

    Should get such a blank, as in the photo.

  8. Bends outer triangles - inside and then - back out.

    Paws ready.
  9. bend frog in half, and then - the lower part again in half.

    Do frog spring for "jumping."Overturn on their feet - the frog is ready.

  10. Coloring frog.

    And you can make them a little and make a jump competition, because this frog is not only beautiful, but also mobile.

How to make an origami jumping frog with his hands?We hope our workshop answered the question.And now, in your house to settle some lovely origami frogs.