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Fighter paper

  • A4 sheet of paper (origami special or ordinary copier);

  • paints, pencils, markers - for decoration (optional).

How to make origami plane - step by step guide

  1. Take a piece of paper, along bend it first,

    then straighten.Next, bend crosswise.

    this billet continue to work.

  2. Now bend the side of the blank from a corner to the middle, as if sharing a rectangle in the sector.First - the big right unbend.

    Then - on the left.

    Note: Zagibaev large triangle need some overlap, as shown in the photo to the fold line ran from the corner of the sheet to the top of an imaginary line that divides the rectangle in half.Then - Bends smaller triangles.These folds will help further spread the correct blank.

  3. Now you need to "spread" the plane's wings.We need to turn out like triangles.

    preform easily disclosed, must be well to push all the fold line.As a result, you should get is such a figure.

  4. Now again Bends smaller triangles to the midline - first the outer, then - domestic.
    The figure is almost unchanged simply become smaller triangles.

  5. Now turn over blank triangles and fold down the side in the opposite direction - as shown in the photo.A triangle.

  6. Bend billet in half, without turning.That is, the outer side must be inside.

    now - each side again in half - making wings.

  7. Then - Fold the lower part of the wing up a sharp corner of the triangle should be slightly exceed the body of the aircraft.Such manipulations are carried out on both sides of airplanes.

  8. now make our aircraft like fighter.For this purpose - reveal wings.
  9. left a final touch - straighten airplane wings, holding the body.

Our fighter plane ready.


Hopefully, our master class gave the answer to the question - how to make an origami plane.Such fighters can make more if you want to paint or draw from colored paper.And to arrange competitions with friends in the backyard or even in the apartment.

Otlichnogo your pastime!