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Tank made of paper with his own hands

  1. ordinary white paper A4 format and a square shape;(Scheme)
  2. scissors;
  3. Clerical glue.

How to make origami tank - step by step photos

Performing harvesting tank hull

  1. form of A4 paper folded in half.

  2. Without revealing the folded paper, do bend on each side for another half (to turn down the first fold line).

  3. On one side of the resulting band - turn down the corners of the workpiece on both sides (upper and lower sides) of the strip.

  4. straightens band - she turned to one side smooth, the other triangular shape.

  5. Bends strip edges to the center line of the strip and turn down to the back edge of the strip.
  6. This procedure Do the same way and on the opposite side of the strip.

Should get a blank strip body.

formation of the body and caterpillars tank

  1. housing.The finished strip billet turn over.
  2. Direct we put an end, as shown in the photo.

  3. Next to this we add the triangular folded portion side of the strip.It should be on top of the first bent por
    tion.And form the body of the tank.
  4. Further, under the paper output area and hide it in the corner, as shown in the video.

  5. This is done on both sides of the strip.These parts can be hidden for the seal strength of the model.Can not be glued - on request.
  6. model and it will be durable.So we formed the body of the tank.Triangular pieces in the body raise a little to shape.
  7. Further, the caterpillars form a tank.For this paper under the finger squeezing the body forward along the entire length.The procedure of producing on both sides of the tank.

Barrel tank

  1. From paper rectangular shape makes the barrel tank.For this purpose, the upper corner of the paper begin to wrap it diagonally into the pipe.
  2. folding produce to the required length.
  3. rest of the paper is cut off, the end of a twisted piece of paper glued to the side of the tube wrapped up.
  4. Further, the resulting tube diameter cut with scissors to make it straight.Insert the barrel resulting in a crack in the casing of the tank.

Tank paper ready.How to make origami tank?It's simple: the need care, precision, accuracy.

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