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If the baby is three months badly sleeps

So at first glance it seems that the crumb should not bother absolutely nothing: it is full, and the pediatrician says that the baby is healthy and no deviation from the rules had not been found.So why is your three-month baby so bad sleep at night and during the day?And to help him, how to determine the cause of this weeping?

Let us roughly outline a list of what you need to draw your attention first of all, from which the child sleeps very well.

1. Wet or dry?

you seem to have so ably guided to the personal hygiene of your baby, and that he had "done" in pampers you totally confused and plunges into a state of shock.Previously, you probably feared not take, do not remove the diaper misconfigured waters.Now, these problems have disappeared by themselves, you're agile and maneuverable.

But sometimes Mommy, buried in the daily chores and leaving crumbs peacefully staring at her through the bars or mesh crib playpen, did not immediately realize that the baby is just (or even just) free from excess l

oad and longs to be clean.It is not surprising: after all, the temperature "in diapers" is quite high, as well as the humidity level.Therefore feces irritates the skin and causes a sharp crumbs itching and burning.

So if you heard the rallying cry crumbs - check his diaper.After all, if you are a supporter of what they need to be replaced every 4 hours, you can hold as much as 4:00 crumbs in a dirty diaper - and even then crying does not end at the point when you will wash.Pope will suffer greatly from this treatment, and the baby will long torment from the itching and pain stimuli - the child feels bad in such conditions.So make it a habit to check the diaper crumbs as often as possible.

2. Hunger.

Well, what if your baby is just an hour ago, in your opinion, plump eaten, or rather, good drank breast milk (eat a decent portion of the mixture).And suddenly he was not fed up, but simply quench gnawing hunger that an hour later he was visited again.And he was crying, begging supplements, and you still fuss around him, without even knowing that you just do not fit crumbs hour feeding schedule that you entered for convenience.

Try to make it a little bit more or a mixture of the chest to re - look, he will eagerly eat?If yes - then perhaps it is time to increase your portions of food as the baby eats, and not this bad sleep.

3. jeep and intestinal colic.

problem that often occurs in infants, age is just under 3 months (at least - up to six months, although there are some cases where children completes the formation of the digestive tract, and starts acting as it should be, and eighteen months of age).To prevent the occurrence of this unpleasant situation is difficult, as both GAZ cars, and colic are in 90% of children aged three, and they are not very dependent on their parents.

But you are able to help.To get started you will be examined, because of colic if he does not sleep at night?It's very easy: palpate the abdomen of her child.When a child gases, stomach resembles a tightly stretched drum, the abdomen is inflated and it seems that within the baby is something very solid.In addition, while crying, if the child is three months or older is in the crib, or you wear it on the handle, he begins to bend in the back - it is one more sign that the crumbs terrible intestinal colic.

help to the child, you can!Purchase at the pharmacy a little dill water - use it as a preventive measure, regardless of whether there is a child at the moment of colic and GAZ cars, or not.A teaspoon of the night - an excellent prevention of bloating.

About an hour before bedtime take small crumbs massages and exercises.His warm hand massage the abdominal area crumbs, moving in a clockwise direction.You can grease the hands baby cream.In addition, gently but firmly poprizhimayte bent legs crumbs to his belly, just 10-15 would be sufficient.And kids will love this workout.In principle, any exercise associated with lifting legs and stroking helps get rid of stomach cramps.

If you notice that your baby before bedtime belly swelled and hardened, put him on his stomach warm grelochku - you can buy in a drugstore special children, it is small, comfortable round shape.You can just put your hand or make crumbs bare tum to your stomach - it is also helping to get rid of colic.

In cases of extraordinary and extremely noisy when the baby does not calm down from any of your actions and is simply gagging and turning blue from crying or pain, give him "Espumizan" or some similar drug, is a sure way to help crumbs.However, do not overdo it and remember that the fewer chemicals you give your child - the healthier it will grow.

Also, the child may cry because he's cold or hot, or is he just missed my mother's warmth, and from this it is bad - does not deprive him of the small pleasures in life!And in order to check whether the baby comfortably in specific conditions of temperature, just Feel his neck.If she was sweating - Undress the baby if it is cold - put.

As you can see, there are several reasons why a child of three months may be difficult to sleep, and often capricious.Parental duty - to understand and eliminate all these troubles, the baby grow and develop, fueled by positive emotions!

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