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Origami box with his hands

  • beautiful and quite thick paper: 2 sheets;
  • scissors;
  • pencil and ruler.

origami box - step by step guide

  1. Please carefully folded sheet in half, the outside of the outside and well-designed fold.
    Note!For convenience, you can use a special plastic stack or similar device.
  2. Then, straighten the paper and add up the opposite side, to get the kind of markup in the form of four squares.
  3. Similar procedure should be followed, bending the workpiece twice diagonally.After manipulations should have the following.

  4. Now carefully Bends corners to the middle.
  5. resulting figure we add more time as a video.
  6. Get layout, with which we start to fold box.

  7. blank is folded along the combining sides.Putting the edge.gently bending them.

    Visually process is shown in the video.

  8. If done correctly, will hide the edges and the walls rise.

    thus make the opposite side of the box and origami.

  9. Well working on the fold to hack acquired a completed form.

  10. Repeat the above steps, car
    rying the box cover of the second sheet of paper.We get a second item.

Simple hack ready.If you wish, you can enhance the bottom of the additional pieces of paper.

crafts made with their own hands, give joy and help to take your leisure.Similar articles interesting to put the children - it develops fine motor skills and strengthens relationships.