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Inflatable tulip paper


  • sheet of paper measuring 20 x 20 cm for the bud;
  • cocktail tube to the stem;
  • scissors or a stationery knife.
Important: to create a flower is better to choose a more dense sheets that are in the process of folding accidentally tear in the fold line.

How to make paper tulip - step by step guide

to get a nice balanced with expressive graceful flower petals, folds should be carried out strictly according to the planned lines, making them crisp and sharp.Driving.

process of creating a spring flower involves several steps:

  1. billets for flower bud bend on the diagonal so that it acquired a kind of folded on the diagonal triangle.Expand the workpiece and perform the same steps with the opposite corners.The result is a square with folds arranged in an "X".

  2. Fold in half the workpiece and expand its towering tip up.

  3. placed on both sides of the longitudinal folds of the pyramids connect to the center so that a triangle with "pockets" inside.

  4. corners turn down both outer s
    ides, leads them to the top of the pyramid.The result is a diamond-shaped blank having a fold in the middle.If you look closely, we see four folded triangle.

  5. have diamond-shaped billet turn down right corner on the left side, turn over and repeat her manipulation.

  6. Now the plant left corner, holding his little overlap on the center fold line.Folds back right corner and dressed him in left.The same procedure is performed on the other side of the diamond.

  7. bud almost ready.It remains only maintaining, for the constricted top of each other, turn the piece.

  8. At the base of the flower makes a hole through which inflate the bud.In volume rose bud opens, carefully downwards.In the threaded hole of the base of the flower tube.

Tulip of paper with your hands ready.As you can see, the process of creating such a beautiful flower surround is very simple.And the result will be a long time to please you and others.

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