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Origami Dragon with their own hands


  • colored A4 paper (blue or blue color);
  • white A4 paper.

blue dragon paper - step by step guide

To make the dragon in the art of modular origami, we need modules triangular blue (397 pcs.) And white (44 pcs.) Flowers.


  1. To assemble the body, you need to connect the units as follows.

    number 1 - 4 blue module;

    number 2 - 3 blue unit;

    number 3 - 4 blue module;

    4 and the subsequent even-numbered rows - the repetition number №2;

    5 and subsequent odd rows - the repetition number №3.

    All you need to collect 62 of the series in a single chain.

    principle assembly of the body is clearly visible in the next video.

  2. After assembly, the body should be gently bent as shown in the photo.


dragon's head is going quite easily as follows:

number 1 - 4 blue module;

number 2 - 5 blue modules;

number 3 - 6 blue modules;

number 4 - 5 blue modules;

number 5 - 1 blue;1 white;2 blue;1 white;1 blue - with 6 modules;

number 6 - 2 white;1 blue;2 white - only 5 modules;

number 7 - blue 6 modules;

8 series - the module start putting the tip of the second module - Module 2 blue;then skip another 2 tip and start to wear more blue 2 module;

number 9 - 2 module dress on top of the blue one module.Further, on the left module on the left side dress another module.Also making a right module, the module only need to wear the right.

Videos dragon head assembly can be viewed here.


Getting assembly clutches of the dragon.

Assembly scheme following:

number 1 - 2 blue module;

number 2 - 1 blue module;

number 3 - 2 blue module;

number 4 - 1 blue module;

number 5 - 2 blue module;

number 6 - 1 blue module;

number 7 - the modules inserted short side - 2 blue module;

8 series - the modules inserted short side - blue 1 unit;

number 9 - the modules inserted short side - 2 white module.

Video leg assembly presented here.

All you need to collect four paws.


Driving tail assembly is as easy as the assembly diagram of the head and legs.

first series start with 5 blue modules.In the second row you need to add 1 module.

Second row - blue 6 modules.

number 3 - 1 white, 5 blue, 1 white module;

number 4 - 1 white, 1 blue, 2 white, 1 blue, 1 white module.

Then, the modules have to wear blue on white 2 module.

Finish the tail wearing the white More modules on one module white.The tail is ready!


Still needed wings.To do this, connect the modules according to the scheme:

(left wing)

1 number - 1 blue module;

number 2 - 2 blue module;

3 series - 3 blue unit;

number 4 - 4 blue module;

number 5 - 5 blue modules;

number 6 - 6 blue modules;

7 series - 5 blue modules;

number 8 - move to the right on two modules, then dress 3 white and 3 blue unit;

number 9 - one white and blue 2 module;

number 10 - one white and two blue module with offset to the right;

number 11 - one white and one blue module;

number 12 - 2 white module;

number 13 - 1 module white.

right wing is made in the same way as the left, with the only difference: the modules of the white paper is not necessary to begin to insert the left side and the right.

order of assembly of the wing as shown in the video.

Our Dragon 2 wings.

All parts are assembled, you can now begin to assemble the dragon.

Assembly Diagram Dragon

Fasten finished parts as shown in the photo: the tail is attached with the module.

head should be fastened with toothpicks.

wings like tail attached with modules.

feet are fastened to the body with toothpicks.

Look how gorgeous we've got a dragon!

's so simple and without much effort, you can assemble your own hands fairy dragon.Only need paper, a little time and desire.Remember that each of the dragon, as well as for the person has its own element, so the choice of the color of the fantastic character for you.

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