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Beauty secrets from Catherine Deneuve

I never tried to hide his age, it was for me a matter of pride.But this does not mean that everyone you meet need to talk about his age.A woman of 50 years and also looks as at 40, and this is its advantage.

That explains a lot: personal care, fashion, lifestyle and the fact that women still work.Women have more freedom today than it was before - they live with the young men who are much younger than them, women wear short skirts without having her knees beautiful in the world.They have learned to use makeup, better monitor their appearance.I

with special attention always belonged to cosmetics, I began to enjoy its new products, recently.He signed a contract with well-known company "Yves Saint Laurent", and I was with this firm friendly relations.

Just not enough just to have a good skin, you need to learn how to preserve it.For me the most important is that I was able to do in the United States, more than ten years ago, I quit smoking using hypnosis.

Watch for your skin constantly and never face n

ot to expose to the sun.This is cheating if my face seems tanned.Dermatologist said that it is better to cheat than for 2 months, sunburn, skin loses 2 years of life.It is necessary to monitor the skin "from within".

Women who say they do not care about age, lie.We can not remain indifferent to aging.It is necessary to struggle with age.I do not have the same energy.To recuperate, I need to have more time.You can not do that without looking horrible - do not sleep, have fun and work.

As an actress and a mother, I am with great attention to the appearance of his daughter Chiara.She has an amazing snow-white skin, so the skin in the past, famous beauties.I tried to protect skin from the sun.After all, in fact, not my mother teaches daughter how to take care of herself and her daughter take over my gestures.In this we are aided.

I would not like to Chiara was like me.And without this burden, to be a child of famous parents.I am very glad that my daughter Chiara like her father, because she bears his name.

the street I want to be less noticeable.I always feel a closer look at themselves.Sometimes they are painful, sometimes flattered my vanity.But when I'm in bad shape, I do not want people looking at me.

My father had four daughters, and he simply adored.Our mother was a beautiful woman, but her parents never tried to impress upon us the idea that beauty is a kind of dignity.My childhood was complex, it seemed to me that I was very thin and skinny like a cat, I'm embarrassed of it, and was afraid to appear in a swimsuit.

The life of the actress beauty is the trump card, and you get used to it very quickly.And of great importance like the ability, charm.It seems like I always blonde, but the nature of the I-haired.When I was 19 years old son, for two years I was a blonde, and did not do it for the movie, I just loved it.Because I prefer spirits "Guerlain" remain faithful to the cosmetics Yves Saint Laurent.Dushus often his spirits - "Paris".I love the colors, the smell of toffee and very much like a rose.I created my own perfume in the United States, but much to my regret they are no longer produced.

There makeup for photos, for movies, but in daily life, I use them sparingly.The main thing - it's mouth and eyebrows, they determine the facial expression.Eyelids do not paint unless golden-beige color.

I try to lead an active and healthy lifestyle, together with women in the gym, I do gymnastics, I love to walk.His weekends I spend in the country, and there I go to the sauna, which helps me to clean the skin and whole body.It came at me in the habit.

At night I try to sleep at least 8 hours after sleep is essential thing to maintain its beauty.The Institute for Yves Saint Laurent I do pedicure, manicure, massage.

Time leaves its marks on the face, but that the body requires a lot of effort and attention.When I stopped smoking, I am struggling with being overweight.

After tempering always sit on a diet.I do not eat any desserts, but I love them, I do without sugar.Between meals, drink lots of water, I prefer a glass of wine at the table.

when to start shooting next, then arrange a fasting day, drink fruit juice or drink vegetable broth.I prefer fruit, eat a little meat.

in her purse wear lipstick, eye drops, powder and perfume bottle.

Now it is important to look natural, but natural look requires a lot of labor and time, natural look by itself does not come.

We know beauty secrets from Catherine Deneuve, and as she says, with age does not need to stop to take care of their skin and use less makeup, to be in good shape and be beautiful, all this requires a lot of effort.

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