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Heidi Klum married

... Heidi seems "a little bit" busy, because Heidi Klum married not so long ago."For me, it's okay - she says with a shrug, before sending in your mouth the next portion of tuna tartare. I know how to organize everything and come out the winner."I almost forgot!In 2009, this woman, for the past six years has given birth to four children, has released an album of photographs in which she is depicted partially or completely nude.This begs the question: how can you combine such seemingly incompatible things - the birth of children and a terrific figure for which Heidi even got a nickname Body?

Her partner master Tim Gunn says that, in principle, it is unreal."Maternity clothes, Heidi posed, is ideal - he says. He adds, laughing: But if people think that wearing it will look like Heidi, I'm afraid they will be disappointed."

Physically Heidi may seem superhuman, but in some ways it is no different from us: it, too, are disappointed.After participating and winning the competition models in the homeland, i

n Germany, 18-year-old Heidi to conquer Milan, Paris and Miami.Her agency was paying all travel costs and accommodation, impatiently waiting for the embedded costs will pay off, and ... never came."They did not offer any work, I simply had no means of subsistence," - she admits.

In that Heidi did not give up before the 20-year-old landed at the airport in New York, is equally "guilty" two traits of her character - determination and pride."I lived in a shitty apartment, I did not know the city is not a single person, and my English was horrible - she says now, her German accent strengthened as the pace of speech. But this was my last stop, and I thought:we must try even more, you have to stay even longer. I just could not go home defeated. "

And her perseverance paid off.Began to receive small proposals, laid the groundwork for two significant events in the life of Heidi, it is taken up on a pedestal supermodels: Shooting in a bathing suit for the special issue of Sports Illustrated and exit to the podium in underwear Victoria's Secret.Life presented Heidi is a very important lesson that she remembered forever: "Never give up before Ensure that tried everything."

What you did not know about Heidi to date:

She never watches the show "Project" Podium "" and never read magazine articles about himself.

The easiest way to find Heidi bad side - being late for a meeting with her.

She never went to a therapist, but ... I would like, once it will have free time.

last film, in which she began to cry, "My guardian angel".During pregnancy, it is almost not working.

She in the bathroom near the shower is always a notebook, because that is where she usually decides what else to add it to the list of cases.

The same philosophy should be Heidi and family life.She lived 5 years of marriage with the barber-stylist Rick Pepin before a divorce in 2002.She was 24 years old when she first went to the altar, and no self-confidence."I did not know who I am and who I want to be," - says Heidi.

Shortly after the divorce, she met with Italian businessman Flavio Briatore, which met less than a year before parting.The problem is that after the affair with Briatore Heidi got pregnant.It must be awful - remain virtually abandoned, even with the prospect of becoming a single mother.But Heidi, as always, brilliantly avoids negative points: "I had to think about the future. What is past."

soon after the break with Flavio Briatore Heidi met Shiloh - in the lobby of a New York hotel Mercer.Pretty soon, she told him about her pregnancy, and ... he was not scared.On the contrary, forces immediately took responsibility to help with the baby and Heidi offered to start a family."It was so unexpected - to meet a man, absolutely perfect in my eyes," - says Heidi.

Despite warnings from friends not to rush to formalization of relations, Heidi Klum married in May 2005, after a year and a half after their meeting.Since then, they have brought the tradition of annually updated data to each other before the altar vows.Last year, the couple arranged a wedding party in "zhlobskie" style, which the bride wore a wig with hair a la Cascade.Such stunts and elaborate costumes every Halloween, which is a famous Forces and Heidi unwittingly pushed us to the question: whether they are addicted to disguise the door of his bedroom?

"Frankly, I'm not a fan of disguise - said Heidi. If he wanted to try, I could not refuse, but the idea seems to me some alien."She pauses for a moment, weighing in his mind the pros and cons, and continues: "Maybe it will come later, after 5 years, or 10, and I will buy all sorts of funny outfits. But as long as we so well."

Spousal relationship - another area in which the handy persistence Heidi.She always insists to find time just for the two of them - for her and the power, even if it's just a couple of hours."I am the initiator and the test - she says. - For example, I say:" Let's go to dinner! ", And he says that it is very tired. But then, when we were sitting at a table and talk, he said:" I'm so happyyou pulled me ".

course, good to have millions of dollars, a platoon of nannies and parents willing to drop everything and come tearing out of Germany that to nurse grandchildren. But friends Heidi and Silas say that their love is not determined by money and not a luxury."They're perfect for each other, - says the star of the series" Desperate Housewives "Kyle MacLachlan, who were close friends with Heidi about 10 years.

She found a man who equally creative person, and devoted father, moreover, always ready to conquer the world in a good way ".

All this is like a fairy tale ... However, in our opinionthis tale because it exists, that Heidi knows what price she brought to life. Anyone who has experienced first hand that, before surrender, you have to try, try and try, also knows that love and life require a hugework. However, the maturity of Heidi - the moral and physical - is a guarantee that it will never overdo one thing to the detriment of the rest. "We can not be sure that there will always be so, and not otherwise - she saysabout his relationship with Shiloh.Sometimes people change.And if it happened to you, admit it and move on ".

meantime, Heidi's not going anywhere to go but home." What more could I ask for? "- Asks one of the most coveted in the world of women, a mother of four children. Oh, no, did the desire to eat, "A hot shower before going to bed - that would be great".

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