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Biography of actor Robert Downey Jr.

Lessons father

Morning in the family of Robert Downey older - the director is very strange from the standpoint of the layman arthouse paintings - usually started quite late (the night before, as always, was a stormy party).Barely awake, the father offered his beautiful wife Elsie and young son Bobby ... to penetrate the consciousness of home terrier named Sturgess.

Daddy Downey Jr. has always been original and eccentric.Even in his youth he dreamed of serving in the army, but he did not take the PA service for health reasons.Robert then decided to protest (it is not clear just against whom?) To change its name Elias is quite decent for a stupid Downey (translation - a loser, loser).As Robert Downey now possessed a rich imagination and was not devoid of creativity, he has chosen an appropriate profession - director.And he was shooting a movie, as they say, for the soul - the box office, a full house, the first line in the rankings he was not interested.For the most part, except for the Downey Sr., t

he problems of his films had very few people are interested ... But the director only concern is their own self-expression.

When a son was born, Downey Sr. gave him his name, "awarded" a failed name and literally from the cradle to attach to become "beautiful", and it took to shoot their films.However, at the very Robert Jr. on this account their views: thus the father saved on babysitting services.

the age of five, Bobby had already made his film debut in the role of ... Mexican naked dog (not for nothing, apparently, his father experimented with consciousness terrier).Creation Downey older called "The pen" and narrated about dogs awaiting death in the nursery.The role of one of the unfortunate dogs and played the kid Downey.

next role was also Bobby's father in the film, but according to the biblical story is true, the action was postponed for some reason, the Wild West.

Father dedicated Downey Jr., not only in the inner sanctum of cinema, but it was the "conductor" in the world of psychedelic drugs and other stimulants.Bobby made his debut in this "genre" no less than 8 years.
Moreover, the pope himself suggested that he delayed kosyachkom with the words: "In life, my boy, you have to try everything."It was then, apparently, ended childhood Downey Jr. ... He tried to treat for adults, in comparison with which all his children's joy faded, lost their luster and color.

It's not only a life lesson that we have learned from the biography of the actor Robert Downey Jr., who taught him the father.One 17-year-old Bobby got into a difficult situation: he was without money in a foreign city and in despair called his father (by the time parents divorced)."Help me, I have no money even to travel on the subway," - he shouted into the phone, "Call a friend" - indifferently replied the father."I have called, they also do not have money," - Bobby yelled frantically.Father muttered something like, "Sorry, man," and quickly hung up."Thus, my father did everything in order to have in 17 years I have learned myself to earn a living" - Robert confessed years later.

Despite the rather harsh lessons of his father, Bobby holds him evil (though, by and large, it is questionable educational methods Downey Sr. and his son shot down the path of the righteous), and even grateful to him.Robert rarely angry at someone for a long time.By nature it is a very positive person, I tend to see even in the most hopeless situation the positive side."When I fell to the bottom of the bottom knock ..." - it's just about it.

O Lucky Man!

Robert Downey Jr. always lucky - not every future actor had the chance to be born in the most that neither is a bohemian family, his debut at age five in the movies, and in 16 years to star in the popular TV show is incredibly 80s Saturday Night Live.And after he was filmed continuously, even when drug addict.On the other hand, in his biography of many walk-through movies whose names do not remember myself Robert.But when you consider that he had acted mainly in between "dose", the result of matching.However, sometimes there were happy coincidence.Gak in "Less Than Zero" Downey played a drug addict.His colleagues in the film recalls: "All that is happening with the hero, in fact, happened to Robert.Fiction could not be distinguished from reality.We often did not understand: he plays or he, in fact, the break-up? »

However, the spirit of contradiction and arthouse education his father did not allow Robert to settle for second-rate roles in the films.Together with the young actors, among them the now notorious Demi Moore, Emilio Estevez, Anthony Michael Hall, Robert organized a movement actor Brat Pack.Alas, nothing outstanding this movement is not glorified.

It was a real stroke of luck - to get the role in the movie "living classic" Richard Attenborough, the role of none other, and most of Charlie Chaplin!By the way, it turned out later that Robert lot in common with the great Charley, for example, they have the same foot size.And similar tone of voice.And yet, when Robert received his first decent fee and decided to purchase their favorite old house, it turned out that the mansion once belonged to the great comedian!

But even that unexpected similarities could not subdue awe that Bobby had before the great Chaplin."This role was the most incredible chance in my life and the most monstrous humiliation - he lamented.- As if I won the lottery ... and immediately landed behind bars.After watching any movie Chaplin, I realize that in these 20 minutes of screen time he was funnier, more talented, more brilliant than I had in my entire life! »

hide his shame and complexes away, Robert, however, coped brilliantly withnot an easy way of genius of cinema, playing equally well and 19-year-old boy, Charlie and the decrepit 83-year old Chaplin.

However, any young actor wanted to be in place Downey - before it opens wide and endless road leading straight to Hollywood Olympus.He had all the ingredients to become a successful actor, superstar, millionaire - good looks, young age, and most importantly, talent!Talent!Robert successfully able to balance on the verge of piercing drama and subtle irony, to rise to the existential depths and drop to areal humor.But in any way, and it is able to retain its natural charm, bribe one and all!

In the wake of the success of "Chaplin", he starred in several movies in a row, including "Natural Born Killers," Oliver Stone.

And then Robert turned his life into an inexhaustible source for publications in criminal chronicles ...

«Cocaine is the way of the Lord to warn you that you earn too much money," - once said Robin Williams - Robert Downey colleagueworkshop on acting and drug experiences.What would prevent the Lord Robert's hard to say.Get rich, he could not because spending all fees for drugs, and then to rehab.From 1987 to 1996 Robert from time to time trying to get rid of the addiction, but to no avail.But over time, his passion has become rampant drug.Gd warned him long and hard, for 10 years, but Bobby turned a deaf ear to his "lessons"!

April 1996.Police stopped the car, which was traveling at full speed on Sunset Boulevard.What was the surprise of representatives of law and order when they found a strange car driver famous actor - Robert Downey Jr..However, the police completely discouraged its appearance: Robert was driving completely naked, totally "stoned" and thus held in his hand a loaded pistol 357 Magnum caliber.It seemed to roll on nowhere.If you think so, so bad you know Robert - his imagination has no limits!

May 1996.Of course, after the story of the actor was sent for compulsory treatment.But very soon, Bobby bored without the usual dose, to break free, pricked, for some reason broke into the neighbor's house, found the children's room and fell asleep sleeping baby in the crib.Wake him up already caused the neighbors policemen who were surprised what he saw a picture!At this time, Downey carried a stern warning.By order of the court for three years he was to attend drug treatment clinic and regularly take the test for the presence of drugs in the blood.

spring 1999.Robert broke again and had a ball: he began taking drugs, missed one test and landed in prison, where he spent the next three months.

most surprising is that, despite all this, "Carousel", Robert managed to regularly appear in movies.In between stints, he played in the popular TV series "Ally Makbill."Robert even received for his role in the show a prestigious award "Golden Globe" and was nominated for the "Emmy".And still I managed to record a duet with Sting.

Thanksgiving Day, the year 2000.Robert another breakdown.Police detained Downey with a dose of cocaine and Valium tablets.The verdict is harsh: Robert was imprisoned for a year.

Producers "Ellie Makbill" immediately terminated his contract and was fired without explanation.Leaders of other film companies, which collaborated Robert, cut its fees to a minimum.In addition, the standard contract Downey has since included the item on the penalty for the failure of the shooting.He was up to 40% of the fee stars.


Despite the fact that the whole Hollywood machine for the production of films rebelled against Robert Downey Jr., there were people who supported him in the most difficult times.For example, Woody Allen really wanted to remove Robert in his film "Melinda and Melinda," but no one producer did not agree to pay for an actor in Hollywood compulsory insurance.

But an old friend and colleague Dawn and Mel Gibson, without a moment's hesitation, vouched for erring colleague before the shooting of their joint film "The Singing Detective."

But the most important support for the Robert for seven years was his favorite girl, the future star of "Sex and the City" Sarah Jessica Parker.

Back when they first met Robert Sarah warned about his drug addiction.But Parker did not attach due importance and recklessly decided it could save a loved one from a terrible disease.

What did she just not tried!Sarah forced Robert to climb or the crack of dawn after a night of drug and fun to go to work.If he was not able to, Sarah always covered it - inventing the incredible "excuses", endlessly lied yulila.If Downey disappeared for a few days, I find it laundered, put in order and taken to the set.Alas ... After a painful breakup with Robert Sarah long bored alone and soon she found herself in the arms of John F. Kennedy Jr..And Robert, too, found a replacement.First, he met with the actress Marisa Tomei, and then married Deborah Falcone, also an actress, who gave birth to a son Indio (Robert affectionately calls him "my little freak").Both women were able to make a long ordeal - to be a drug addict girlfriend ...

now endless adventure Downey looks funny, but then they could end up very sad.Robert and he knew what awaited him in the finals of the "race to the bottom."But stop it could not."Ouija?Society of anonymous alcoholics and drug addicts?I tried everything - recalled the actor.- Was I the Catholics, and Hari Krishna, but I do not think that any of this could save my ass.From now on, call me a Jew, a Buddhist - this is the best definition. "

«tied" drug Robert at one point - just threw all the nonsense that has been his home.Of course, the strong-willed decision was preceded by years of doubts, feelings, suffering, pain, depression ... and a desperate desire to ever leave the addiction."I can not say that is completely cleared, - complains Robert.Soul, I have always been and will be a laboratory rat, and I will always miss the euphoria that brought me drugs.But now I try to look for the euphoria in other places. "

Back to stay

final return to Hollywood would not take place without the current wife of Robert - producer Susan Levin.She helped him to completely change the life of Robert joined a gym, started practicing kung fu, and today no one would know the tough guy addict with the experience.The only thing he can not refuse - cigarettes and strong coffee.But Susan forgive him this whim.All the more so when Robert killed the drug quickly took off his career.

his triumphant return to the profession was the film "Iron Man.""The best in Hollywood - says the actor - is its short memory.I have it on hand.Perhaps no one here now and do not remember that once I was in prison. "

Yeah, today Robert travels on its own "Bentley", lives in a luxurious mansion with his wife and son, he appears in a popular TV show where gladly tells stories about his prison past, that go "bang"!Offers removed showered upon him in abundance."I like to think that life could change completely in a few hours - says Robert.Otherwise I would have been bored. "And how it would be boring to us without the tireless Robert Downey Jr.!

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