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Uninteresting people in the world is their destiny as the planetary history

It was not the first attempt of talented girls to commit suicide.Several years ago, she had dropped, ostensibly by accident out of the window, too, by the way, on the fifth floor.And if the last time fate was more favorable to the girl, but this time Nick fell to her death.But whether it was suicide or all of the girl decided to play a cruel joke with all?

In 1978, little Nick was seriously ill - she had asthma.The girl did not get up from bed, my mother and grandmother were on duty by turns at her bedside.Nick frightened their constant requests to write certain lines of verse to remember.Verses children were shrill, scary, gloomy.Friends said that the girl been reading other people's poems, and now they just remembers herself as Nick assured their relatives that is God himself speaks through her mouth.

Perhaps literary talent in a small Nike Turbine woke up that early childhood her mother read her poems "serious" poets Mandelstam, Pasternak, Akhmatova.From infancy Nick heard poetic lines.Nicky's moth

er, too, was a remarkable person - an artist who did not realize his talent.Nicky's grandfather, a well-known Crimean writer Anatoly Nikanorkin often gathered in his house in Yalta, writers, poets and writers who came on vacation in Moscow.Girl with early childhood listening to their conversations, engage in conversation.One day my mother Nicky asked his grandfather to help publish the poems daughter in Moscow publications.This idea, in fact, was absurd, because the child's psyche is still very weak, and the verses Nicky were so imbued with sadness, longing, which is not reminiscent of children's creativity.However, soon in Moscow publications were first publication Nicky turbines girl prodigy.Then the newspapers began to print on most Nike.At 9 years old, the first book Nicky Turbine "Drafts", which was translated into 12 languages.The book was a success.Foreword to the book written by Yevgeny Yevtushenko.

So began a fascinating life nedetskiy Nicky turbines, which seemed to her a game of poetess.Nick drove all over the world.She appeared on the stage and read a serious and very grown-up voice of his poems, despite the room look wise formed personality.

The 85-year Nike was awarded the most prestigious award - the Golden Lion.Little Nick broke the statue, wanting to ensure that it really it is made of gold.Leo turned plaster ...

Then Nick lived in Moscow, studied at the School of the ordinary.Her mother remarried and gave birth to a daughter, Masha.Nick was not enough maternal warmth.In her poems before he betrayed a theme of loneliness, longing for the mother.

In 1990 Nick was invited to study in Switzerland.The invitation is received from the Swiss professor of medical sciences.Soon Nick married him.She was not embarrassed by the age difference - the doctor was at that time 76 years old.But it is an act deeply shocked relatives Nicky.Family life soon bored young girl, because the doctor spent whole days in the hospital, but she missed one.This boredom has led to the fact that Nick began to drink.And subsequently fled to Russia.

In 1994, Nick goes to college culture in which it is accepted without examination.Her favorite teacher and later became a friend Alena Galich.Alain Galich said about Nick that she was striking, rock appearance, but mental disorders, poor coordination and unimportant memory.Nick many times wrote Alain "promise" that it will no longer drink.But it was repeated again and again.At the end of the first course Nick went to Yalta to her boyfriend Coast, and the exams are not returned.Restore the institute turned out only to the correspondence department.Nevertheless, with the bones long relationship did not work out, he soon married another girl, explaining that he needed a serious, adult woman, not the eternal child Nick.

In May 1997, Nick for the first time makes an attempt to commit suicide.She was drunk, and at that time was a man.She hung on the balcony, wanting to test yourself at the same moment sobered up, but could not resist.Nick saved by a miracle - falling from the fifth floor, she managed to catch hold of a tree, thereby greatly softened the fall.By Nick again demonstrated the public's attention.

After this act Alain Galich start petition to Nike put on a course of treatment in the American hospital, but his mother Nicky took her to Yalta.In Yalta, Nicky once was a terrible violent seizure, after which it was put into the local psychiatric hospital.He rescues her out former friend Kostya all the same Alain Galich.

Nick hated loneliness.She could not live alone, so her flat was always full of people.The last 4 years of her life she lived with a man named Sasha.Sasha drank with her, but he admits that Nick changed his life.Once Sasha went to the store, but Nick was waiting for him, sitting on the window of the fifth floor, with his legs dangling down.When the man came into the room, she turned and fell badly down.It was not a suicide, but this time fate was not favorable to Nike.At the funeral, cremation and Nicky no one was present.The mother and the grandmother was seriously ill.The girl, who was afraid most of all loneliness, his final journey has come alone.One of the most unusual "planets" goes out.Such is life, such is the fate.

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