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The most unusual people of the world

women receiving daily 200 orgasms
Briton Sarah Carmen 24 years old suffering from a rare disease - Syndrome permanent sexual arousal, because of which she increases blood flow to the vagina.She herself believes that the reason for this unusual deviations are taken by it at the time contraceptives.A mysterious disease has already caused the rupture of Sarah with her lover, and the new man, of course, does not hold out to her sexual possibilities.
man who is not fattening.
a Mr. Perry never zhirneet, but does not limit itself in power.Due to the so-calledlipodystrophy, a rare disease, because of which the body burns fat quickly, he fails to gain weight.At one time it was quite full of the boy, but when he was 12, fat disappeared in a very short period of time.He tried to regain the weight by going on a high-calorie food, but did not succeed in this endeavor.The body of Mr. Perry produces insulin, six times higher than normal.

What other most unusual people of the world?
man who does not feel the cold
Wim Hof ​​of the Netherlands, which has the nickname the Mountaineer, known for having climbed Mount Blanc in shorts, despite the fact that on top of the terrible cold reigns.He put the number of similar records and constantly strive to increase their number.For scientists, it is the deviation of a mystery: they can not explain how the 48-year-old Dutchman withstand fatally low temperature for the common man.
boy who never sleeps
boy named Reth suffered a very rare deviation, he never sleeps.For years it surprised his parents and attending physician, until it became clear why this is happening.The reason it is so-called day and night wakingArnold-Chiari syndrome, in which part of the cerebellum is too broad falls in the foramen magnum.
girl with an allergy to water
Teenager Ashley Morris is unable to even take a dip in the pool or take a shower, because allergic to water.Another name for this extremely rare disease of the skin (around the world recorded a few similar cases) - «Aquagenic Urticaria»
woman, do not forget anything
forty-year woman, whose name was carefully concealed to protect her private life is non-stop memory.She is able to recall any day of the previous 25 years she lived with all the details and details.In addition, in the same way it stores all the socio-political and other significant events that she had ever heard or learned in another way.For the above-mentioned protecting her from the curious, eager to check her unusual abilities, she was given the code name AJ.Its deviation so unique that for him was introduced to medical science a new term to describe this event: hyperthymestic syndrome.
girl who can only eat mint jelly beans "Tick Tack»
17-year-old Natalie Cooper inexplicably can not take in food is nothing but pills "Tik Tak".Any other food extremely negative impact on her health.Doctors have not been able to determine what caused the unusual deviation.Required for normal functioning of the body receives the nutrients Natalie intravenously.Yes, it is truly one of the most extraordinary people in the world.
musician who constantly hiccups
Chris Sands - 24 year-old musician - hiccups at intervals of two seconds, even during sleep.According to doctors, the cause of this is the damage to the valve between the esophagus and the stomach.Chris plays in a rock band, and claims that his strange illness seriously hampered his career as he would like to sing.
girl falling in laughter
20-year-old Kay Underwood suffers from cataplexy.This disorder is characterized by the fact that almost any kind enough strong emotions leading to a sharp weakening of the muscles.Having experienced the joy, fear, surprise or laugh, she immediately falls to the ground.Furthermore, in addition to cataplexy it suffers from narcolepsy, i.e. may at any time suddenly fall asleep, without any transition.
woman is allergic to modern technology
allergic to mobile phones and microwave ovens - that's what Debbie Byrd, 39-year-old manager, are not currently experiencing daily.It is extremely sensitive to electromagnetic fields that are produced by microwave ovens, computers and cell phones.As a result of their exposure to it is covered with a painful rash and her eyelids swell greatly.Therefore, her house is completely released from such equipment.

So are all kinds of people from different parts of the world.Their various strange ailments enable call them the most extraordinary people in the world.But is it good?Is not it better to be the most common, but a healthy person? ..

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