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With cheerful in the morning?

1) Go to bed always at the same time.
To make it easy to wake up, you need to sleep well at night.Get used to go to bed at the same hour every day without discounts over the weekend.If you are chronically not enough sleep, often late for work, then at some time later on the parties and get-togethers with friends will have to be abandoned in favor of health.
2), ventilate the room before going to bed and, if possible, keep the window open during the night.
course, in the winter it is hardly possible, but with the onset of heat is in your bedroom to let some fresh air.
3) more likely to change bedding.
fresh and clean bedding will help you fall asleep faster, so you do not spend valuable time counting sheep.
4) Choose a comfortable mattress and ergonomic pillow.
From how your spine feels comfortable, depends on the quality of your sleep.The uncomfortable bed and can sleep 12 hours and wake up broken.
5) Unplug the phone.
If you often disturb later calls, do not leave anybody a chance to wake you up at nigh
6) maintains a comfortable temperature in the room.
Using the air conditioner, heater or fan it is possible to achieve the ideal temperature at which you will not be too cold or too hot.
7) Establishments Service in the 15 minutes before the time when you need to wake up.
may seem that it would be better to spend this time in sweet grёzah, but it is not so.You will have time to wake up.Do not forget to stretch and stretch your muscles are not getting out of bed.It will set you in the right mood.
8) Begin an exercise program.
Let it not be onerous exercise, especially if you have not been involved in sports.Do some slopes, sit-ups, and then pull up.
9) Take a shower with aromatic gel.
Use the power of aromatherapy to feel cheerful.Choose a shower gel with a high content of oils of citrus or pine needles.
10) As long as you're going to work, light aroma lamp with oil of rosemary, bergamot, mint or basil to focus.
11) Be sure to eat breakfast.Replace coffee strong tea and sandwiches on a plate of oatmeal and fruit.Remember, breakfast - one of the most important meals of the day, it should be complete.
12) At least part of the way to work walk on foot, it will help you cheer up.
13) In the office you are unlikely to be able to use oil burner, so before you leave home do not forget to drop a drop of eucalyptus oil on a handkerchief and put it next to the computer system unit.From the heat warms up the handkerchief and flavor will help you focus and restore blood circulation.
14) revision of your diet and daily routine.Power must be complete, and stay on the air for at least an hour a day - just what you need.
15) Loans yoga.Indeed, yoga solves many problems associated with sleep, which means that your every morning will be cheerful.

If you still feel fatigue, anxiety, then perhaps you have chronic stress, which should be treated by a specialist.Along with the doctor's recommendation to adhere to these tips, and you will come very quickly to normal.And do not forget to rest.Weekend spent at work, will not add to you health.