When it's time to have a child?

practical approach.

Nowadays more and more people are inclined to believe that the approach to the issue of visiting children responsibly.The first condition in which the appearance of a child would be possible, it is considered a good relationship of spouses.Indeed, if the parents are not able to agree among themselves, if the family are constant disputes and scandals, the child will not be getting rid of the problem, but only podolёt fuel to the fire.Little men will be bad in the family where the parents do not know how to love each other.

second condition is health.In order to conceive, bear, give birth and raise a child, you need a lot of energy and good health.The correct solution is to take care of their health in advance - to quit smoking, limit alcohol consumption, eliminate some medications that can affect the health of the child.In addition, it is important to get rid of some diseases, a complete examination by a doctor, sensibly assess possible risks.This is necessary to ensure that when

there are problems to take adequate measures to solve the problem in time.Sometimes you have to wait before deciding on pregnancy, some require a serious treatment and even surgery.All this is best done before the child that pregnancy does not burden the consequences of various diseases.

Another factor in the decision about the appearance of the baby - material well-being.In fact, families who have a place to live, where there is a steady income, which is enough for all, it is easier to plan the birth of the baby.After the appearance of a child, a family member for a long time will not work, if you can not hire an assistant or attract families to the education of the child.This means that the contents of the family fully lie on the shoulders of another family member, usually the father.Not all families with income per family member is enough to feed the others.
So many first resolve issues with housing, make the necessary savings, career and only then decide on what to have a baby.
But some are not willing to wait that long, or do not see prospects, but do not want to delay the birth of the baby.

With hope for the best.

Not all are willing to wait, in order to have a baby.Sometimes pregnancy occurs earlier than it was scheduled.In such cases, parents are often not ready for a baby, but decided on his birth, no matter what.

Perhaps these families remain unresolved issues related to health, may be financial problems and some disagreements, but that does not mean that these parents are poor.Children - is a very powerful incentive to move forward.In a short time prospective parents have to solve a lot of problems, to prepare with the advent of the child and provide him with a decent living.
main thing is not to give up and hope that the problem be solved by themselves.Children - this is very important, it is a huge responsibility, and those who dared to ensure that their family has a child, should make every effort to change lives for the better.Even during pregnancy, you can do many things - to improve health under the supervision of physicians to start a healthy lifestyle, a good job, continue their education and prepare for the birth of the baby.

turns out, it is not necessary to calculate their lives for years to come, to postpone the birth of the child for a long time.It is important to feel the potential, the possibility to change something for the better, the desire to do something for the good of his family.And, of course, the most important thing - it is a genuine desire to have a baby.Under these conditions, even unintended pregnancy can be happy, but the birth of a child will bring not only the problems but also great joy.It all depends on what each parent is willing to do to all his relatives, and he was happy.

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