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Cleansing the body of toxins

1) Trust, but verify.
Since even the seemingly most secure and the right thing, you can never be 100% sure of the result.This is especially true of everything that is related to our health, because to correct the consequences of mistakes is always much more difficult than preventing them.Therefore, before starting any manipulation with your body, it is important to consult an experienced professional.The fact that only a doctor can choose the best ways to cleanse, based on the characteristics of the body and only a doctor can take into account all the nuances and implications.You may not be aware of the presence of certain diseases that are incompatible with many procedures.Therefore, a medical examination and a responsible attitude towards their health - the first step on the road to purification.

2) Lifestyle.

cleaning the body does not make any sense, if we continue to pollute it, do not take care of the removal of toxins.The second step on the road to health can be called a choice of proper nutr
ition.Cleansing the body does not involve rigid diets.If the doctor deems justified certain restrictions, fasting or a raw food diet, then these power systems may be included in the general program of cleaning.It is important to remember that the food should be fresh products - natural, rich in vitamins, proteins, fats and carbohydrates.It is recommended to use as much fiber, which is in cereals, fruits and vegetables.It is equally important to monitor the quality and quantity of fluid intake.For normal operation of the body need daily drink at least two liters of clean water or various broths and soups a day.
Many hold the belief that the body can not be cleaned without fasting.However, this method is not for everyone.If you have health problems, impaired metabolism, the work of gastro - intestinal tract, then by this method of treatment should be abandoned.Fasting, of course, helps to reduce stress on the body, but it is in itself is the strongest stress.Sudden and prolonged restrictions on permissible food is not for everyone, so at this stage it is important to listen to common sense and the advice of his doctor, not promises miraculous deliverance from all the problems in one way.

3) recovery of the organism.
third step - is the return of the conditions in which the body works well.First of all - is the care of the intestine.Now one of the most popular ways to cleanse the bowel is the colon hydrotherapy.This procedure has a fundamental difference from the usual enema, and it is difficult to hold their own at home.The intestine is cleared of parasites and remnants of feces, which helps to better absorb all the nutrients.At the final stage of this treatment are introduced into the body of bio-cocktails that ozdaravlivayut intestinal microflora and secured a positive result.

4) Please note, the liver!
liver - an organ that actively participates in the natural cleansing of the body.On it lies a huge burden, so the liver is most in need of regular cleansing.Now there are many drugs and folk remedies that are beneficial to the liver.But we should not forget that the cleansing of the liver - is increased excretion of bile.Clean the liver can only if you are sure that you do not have gallstones.

should know that cleaning the body - it is not a cure, but only one way to help the body get rid of toxins, toxins and waste products.If you do not change the way of life, but regularly cleaning is the use of these procedures would not be large.A healthy diet, avoiding harmful habits, attention to changes in your body and expert advice - this is a guarantee that the cleaning you need not soon.

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