The first day of the child's birth

To the maximum to take into account all possible problems, adhere to certain rules, and then the first yubileychik your crumbs will pass with ease!

1. Although a celebration, do not disturb the normal daily routine of your child.Otherwise, it will start to act up, and thereby spoil the holiday not only for themselves the same, but also for adults.

2. It is not necessary to convene a whole bunch of guests!Such an abundance of people might just scare the kid.

3. Music for the first birthday of the child choose not your grandfather and grandmother, the tastes and the tastes of your offspring, because surely a year, he has already developed its own addiction.Therefore, it would be nice if the entire day, he will only listen to what he likes.

4. Attire birthday, of course, must be beautiful, but do not overdo it.For one year of restless he must first be comfortable.

5. During the day, ventilate the room where the celebration will take place as often as possible.It is necessary to ensure that, when it beg
ins to take place the triumph was not spёrtogo air as after jumping and downhill will want fresh air.

6. Sometimes it takes a child to another room to get some rest from the child special attention to the person.Play quiet games, consider gifts.

7. It is desirable to organize a birthday nap.To do this, you can select the volunteers and let him take a walk with your child on the street - it is well known that outdoor children sleep better.

8. In advance, try to anticipate what you might need in the course of the celebration.Otherwise, you have to run back and forth for the wipes, becausebaby in any stained, else for something, and you'll feel so exhausted that has no birthday do not want to!

Wondrous your holiday without unpleasant consequences that still occur!Let the first birthday of the child you will remember for a lifetime, as one of the finest and happiest days of your life!

Kseniya Ivanova , especially for

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