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Tincture of walnut

So young nuts with green rind cut into thin slices, most of them filled bottle (about 3/4) and pour vodka.Insist three to four days and take no more than two times a day for half teaspoon diarrhea .
give her children is not recommended.This tincture is very effective also for stomach cramps and indigestion .
varicose veins fill a half-liter jar chopped green nut three-quarters of its volume and pour olive oil.Put for 40 days in the sun.Lubricate sore spots with this mixture until it is over.
infusion of chopped green nuts are preparing for alcohol .To do this, take about 30-40 nuts and pour a liter of alcohol.Pushing the bottle in the sun for 14 days.Black
odorous tincture then poured in a bottle, and the remaining nuts poured sugar, mix well.Then add a few cloves and cinnamon to taste and allow to infuse for about a month.As a result, get a good liqueur.
and tinctures, and the liquor is used for pain in the stomach and intestines (especially with indigestion) .
Liquor, of course, operates less e

fficiently, but it is very pleasant to the taste.It is taken after a meal in mild indigestion.

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