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How to relieve fatigue?

offers several tips that do not require the implementation of more than 20 - 25 minutes and will bring significant relief.

Returning home, get your feet - surely they are tired.Leg pain is very bad for the mood.Approaching the house, we dream about how to quickly remove the shoes, throw elastic tights, barefoot walk or climb in soft slippers.So did they.

After that it is better to go to the bathroom, but if there is no force that initially take a comfortable horizontal position, raise your legs and lean them against the wall at the maximum wide angle.This five-minute rest cause the outflow of blood.As a result, fatigue in the legs partially pass and you will feel some relief.

Foot contrast baths will take you too, no more than five minutes.Baths improve circulation.Take two basin: with hot water - the temperature is about 40 ° C and cold water - not higher than 30 ° C.Dip your feet in hot water for a few seconds, then - in the cold.Repeat this process 3-4 times.

Maybe just hot foot bath to calm down

.Pour into a bowl of hot water.In cooling water top up the hot water, the temperature has not changed.Add any herbs - chamomile, sage, lavender, valerian.Prepare herbal infusions as follows: two tablespoons of dry powdered herbs fill one liter of boiling water, leave for at least thirty minutes, strain and add to the warm water.Insist grass better in the morning, they should always be at hand.Basin is better to put in the bathroom, that is, in a small enclosed space that is quickly filled with flavored herbal vapors.Through breathing vapors of herbs calms the nervous system.Passes fatigue.There are forces.Do not take a hot bath, if you have varicose veins.

Good fatigue in the legs warm pine bath: 15 mg pine extract and two tablespoons of sea or ocean salt into a deep bowl, add the water temperature around 40 degrees.

If you are tired of this day is particularly strong, take common bath.In water, add sea salt, you pleasant fragrances, herbal infusions, which are prepared as well as for foot baths.

I personally like bath with a decoction laurel.6-8 bay leaves cover with cold water, bring to a boil and cook for at least twenty minutes.This infusion should be prepared in advance, it is stored for several days in the refrigerator without losing its medicinal properties.The infusion can be added to the bath with sea salt or flavorings.The water temperature should not be high - 37-38 degrees.Sitting it recommends no more than 5 minutes.

perfectly removes general muscle fatigue hot shower.If you then decide to go to bed, do not resort to contrasting capita.If you need to not only relieve fatigue, but also to return the performance, the last jet of water should be cool.After water procedures pound body and legs carefully with a towel.Rub the oil leg gentle movements from the bottom up.The skin becomes more elastic and supple.

combat fatigue is to be integrated.Do not forget about your hands - they, too, should be put under a jet of hot water or put it in the same tray as the legs.Hands at this time, you can massage the legs from the toes to the ankle.After water procedures apply soft hands nourishing cream.So, you come out of the bathroom, already partially off his crushing burden of life.

Now it is time to dedicate a moment to relax facial muscles.Apply on face and neck mask vitaminized.For this purpose, it is best to approach the grated cucumber or raw potatoes.Place the pulp on the face, pre-steamed hot towel.Be sure to take a horizontal position with raised legs in a room with half-open window.If you do not lie down with a mask, your appearance, and hence health, it can only get worse.There will be swelling under the eyes, and his face would be dented.The purpose of this mask - remove muscle fatigue and that is enough for a few minutes.Then comb the hair massage brush or comb.Slow uniform motion, from the roots to the ends of the hair.The brush should be with natural bristles, comb - better wood.Birch crest of the most salubrious, it is quite soft and can return to hair live shine.

Hydrotherapy treatments, mask and recreation took about ten minutes.Now begin to exercise stretching waist.Sit on the very edge of a chair, legs extend forward, pull the foot.Hands raised up his hands - parallel to the ceiling at right angles to the line of hand.Sami hands laid back, as if his head.On a breath - pulled up on the exhale - bend to the whole body of socks, trying to get his head knees.

This exercise is sufficient to repeat three times.It will provide a massive flow of blood to the muscles of the torso.

next exercise - in tension of the neck muscles, to ensure the free circulation of blood.It can be done in any position, provided that the shoulders back, head raised up, chin stretched forward.The meaning of the exercise is to try to like put his chin on his chest.

last exercise - the head tilts to the right, then to the left shoulder.Moreover, doing it, we should postpone the shoulders down, not raise them to the ears.And now you must drink fortified beverage: glass of juice, cranberry juice, tincture of dried fruits, or simply eat some juicy fruit.I would advise to drink a glass of green tea.Large leaf green tea should be brewed just before use and do not mix with any sugar or honey or jam.A glass of freshly brewed green tea - the perfect tonic cure depressed.

If you prefer black tea and prone to hypotension, you can drink a cup of freshly brewed black, but not strong tea with a lemon and a teaspoon of brandy.

Now you completely threw off the accumulated fatigue of the day.

Author: Kseniya Larina The Source: Women's Health