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Useful baths - therapeutic effect

Pour it into a canvas bag, which neatly hang on the faucet and let the hot water.Wait until the salt is completely dissolved and then add a cold water bath.The ideal temperature - 36-37 ° C.Treatment time - 10-20 minutes, course - up to 15 baths.
Salt baths - an excellent prevention of hypertension.They are also a good help for the initial manifestation of this disease, arthritis, many vascular diseases, chronic inflammation of the female genital organs.
If you are angry, do not sleep, nervous, even without cause and for any little thing, try to relax in the bath softwood .Take 50-70 g pine extract powder 200 liters.The ideal temperature - 36-37 °.Treatment time - 10-15 minutes a day, the course - 15 baths.

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