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Summer menu insidious stomach

In an effort to move to a healthy diet in the first place we must not forget about the rules of food safety.For example, people with high acidity of gastric juice is contraindicated have greens (parsley, cilantro) and garlic.Fennel and garlic have undesirable if you heartburn or esophageal hernia.In this case it is necessary to abandon the pepper.Ulcer and gastritis cast ban the use of citrus, as well as currants, plums, sour apples and so on. N.

Watermelon is good because it normalizes the chair, but apart from the pleasure this berry can bring heartburn and belching.As for the melon, it is usually absorbed by the good - there are lots of food enzymes, similar in composition to that found in the intestines.Similar properties and eggplant.But raspberries, especially on an empty stomach can cause more frequent stools.

Generally, even the most fresh and juicy fruits and vegetables do not have to fill out an entire diet, as in plant foods is not important for us component - protein.But protein - a bas

ic building material for the cells, helping them actively updated.So be sure to include in your menu, and meat and fish.

In addition, leaning only to one group of products and seeking to provide themselves with vitamins, you can achieve the opposite result - imbalances of vitamins.After all, the body is interconnected and calculated, and if one component is not, and the other will be in excess, unbalance the well-being and instead get gastrointestinal upset.

This does not mean that, instead of the summer menu, which includes cucumbers and tomatoes to prefer pasta and fried chicken.Just the right make up their menu - that there were proteins and carbohydrates, and vitamins.Remember, with proper nutrition necessary to eat every day at least 400-450 grams of vegetables, fruits and berries.And then you can safely say that switched to a healthy diet.

Thank you for your assistance in preparing the material leading Research Institute of Biomedical Problems, the deputy head of the department of gastroenterology and nutrition Boris Afonin.

Yulia Ratina

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