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G-strings - beautiful, but dangerous to health

Lisa Masterson, based on the results of their research, said that many of the ladies favorite flirty thong with constant wear can be a real threat to women's health.

What's happening?

Firstly, these flirty panties contribute to the development of vaginal yeast infections and urinary tract infections.Usually such underwear made from synthetic fabrics such as nylon.It is known that these materials hold moisture, and warm moist environment ideal for the life of dangerous bacteria.In addition, the thong helping arisen spread rapidly.According to Dr. Masterson, bacteria from the rectum have every chance to get quickly into the vagina, "using" striped thong as a vehicle.Development of inflammation in this area can lead to serious consequences and even infertility.

Secondly, overreliance on such sheets leads to irritation, as well as gaps and even hemorrhoids.Pants tailored so that their rear detail can traumatize and rub the delicate skin.If this happens all the time, problems will arise.In addition, the

sad statistics show that wearing thong dramatically increases the risk of injury to the genitals when a fall or a car accident.

What to do?

Lisa Masterson recommends women to wear G-strings as little as possible.And when wearing this underwear should observe the following rules:

  • not wear G-strings in the hot and humid weather.
  • Choose clothes from natural fabrics such as cotton or silk.These materials are well pass the air and prevent the greenhouse effect.
  • always try to trim the size of the panties.Loose fitting thong is not so dangerous from the point of view of the spread of infection as tight and narrow.
  • not wear thongs all day.As soon as it becomes possible, change them to a closed model.
  • If you wear synthetic panties, panty liners use and do not forget to change them regularly.
  • Avoid wearing swimsuits with thong panties.
What is that?

Bikini - the most common and convenient model underwear.It's low-waist panties, moderately cut on the hips.

Boxers - were first male underwear model, but now they are a modification and ladies.Similar to the elegant shorts, often with a low waist.Very convenient and practical clothes, but is only suitable when wearing a loose-fitting clothing.

Kyulet - usual shorts without deep cuts.

Knickers - Panties whose side portion is longer than the armhole.Especially useful during the cold season.

Slip - panties with a narrow side portion.Depending on the width models are mini, midi and maxi.

Thong - very deep cut back, often have a high waist.Comfortable to wear under tight or transparent trousers and skirts.Extremely popular due to addiction to it many Hollywood stars.

Stretch - pants made of elastic fabric that can slightly adjust the figure.

Tanga - invented specifically for wearing evening gowns with slits or bryuchek and skirts with a low waist.The main difference - a deep cut back, and instead of the side members or elastic cord.

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