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People's treatment of influenza, cough, nose and throat, bronchitis

the present AGAINST FLU

There tested folk remedies to help us resist the insidious disease such as influenza.Here is one of them.
The bank put shredded lemon peel ten and four tablespoons of horseradish pulp.Pour it all half-liter of dry wine and held one to two weeks.
Drink infusion of 50 grams three or four times a day for 20 minutes before eating.Apply at a high temperature.

OF COUGH chronic

must take one lemon and cook it in a little water on low heat for about ten minutes.Then take it out, cut in half, squeeze the juice, add the two tablespoons of glycerine and stir thoroughly.
resulting mixture to shift into a glass and top up the brim with honey.
Take a teaspoon a day.If the cough is strong, the number of methods to increase to four - a teaspoon in the morning, before lunch, after lunch and at night.With the weakening of cough reduce the number of receptions.

sore throat

Try this recipe.
Grate the onion, squeeze the juice of half a glass of it.Add to that the onion juice, two

tablespoons of honey, mix well.On
tweezers tightly wrap a bandage and secure thread.Bint soak the onion in the ointment, and 2-3 times lubricate the throat.Then dip it in 2 mustard plaster and attach them to the soles, wrap legs woolen scarf or scarves.Hold the mustard an hour.It is good to drink at this time of the infusion of linden flowers and black elderberry.

and runny nose HELD

Do you have a runny nose, a cough is haunted?In this case, grate horseradish 150g peeled and add to it two milled with lemon peel.The resulting mixture
take a teaspoon twice a day on an empty stomach.After five to seven days, all signs of the common cold will disappear.This mixture can
prininimat and prophylaxis.

radish syrup bronchitis

Recipe for kids: the black radish cut into small cubes, place in pan and sprinkle with sugar.Bake in oven for 2 hours.Strain, discard the pieces of roasted vegetables and the liquid drained into the bottle.Giving to 2 tsp. 3-4 times a day before meals and at night before bed.

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