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Laughter on health

When and where originated the custom of teasing of each other on the first day of April, no one knows exactly.On this score there are several versions.Some attributed the emergence of this holiday Ancient Rome, where in mid-February marked the Day of fools.Others believe that the feast originated in ancient India, where on March 31 celebrated the feast of the jokes.Another version is associated with the pagan celebration of spring start April 1, when the joy on the coming heat awakened in the hearts of men the desire to laugh and fun to make fun of their neighbors.In addition, it was believed that the April 1 wakes up to the house and he was not very active, it was recommended to distract him with all sorts of pranks and jokes.

According to tradition, this day decided to play friends, household and colleagues.But it is known as a large-scale practical jokes and April Fools hoaxes, which were carried out through the media.April Fools jokes in the media are regulated by law in many countries.For example,

in the US media are obliged to warn that they were joking.

person acquires the ability to laugh at the age of about four months.As you know, laughter - the best medicine for any disease.A smile adorns the face and laughter prolongs life and improves health.

Nowadays, doctors have been able to scientifically explain the beneficial effects of smiles, laughter and fun on the human body.It turned out when a person laughs, increases blood flow to the brain, the cells of the gray matter get more oxygen.There is a kind of "biochemical storm", which eliminates fatigue, clears the upper respiratory tract and improves the circulation of blood in the vascular system.A ductless glands begin to produce substances, relieves headaches.

Some women, for fear of wrinkles on the face, trying to hold back a smile and, even more laughter.But "the mask of seriousness" deprive a person living emotions.But laughing heartily tones facial muscles, and blood flow considerably nourishes the skin, it is necessary to maintain its tone.Smile - it is a positive emotion caused by certain psychological reaction to some situation: worldly image, sharp word, drawing and so on. D. That emotion is essential to the body.

Experts have proven that laughter - a great spiritual healer.It allows you to forget, at least for a time of troubles, problems and troubles.And laughter - the engine of career, the elixir of youth and longevity.