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From what fattening - one of the reasons

A is a direct path to obesity.After a busy day, a piece of cake replaces these people a dose of alcohol.The fact that sucrose increases levels of the hormone serotonin, which is responsible for fun and good mood, reduces depression, anxiety, etc.

¬ęSladkogolikam" psychologist and psychotherapist Olga Tessar recommends first and foremost to establish regular exercise as they are, in addition to burning calories, too, produce serotonin.However, we must not forget about the emotional sphere.Refer to a therapist to sort out exactly which emotions caused in you the desire to eat, it is likely that their range is limited.If you have already gained excessive weight, consult with an endocrinologist or nutritionist.Diets that promise weight loss miracles, can provoke negative emotions and as a consequence, a set of weights.

Here are the emotions that most often lead to the desire to run to the refrigerator:

- difficulty in communicating with other people
- the feeling you're not loved
- financial problems

- the lack of domestic comfort
- dissatisfaction
- parting
- wrecked plans
- fear
- longing
- low self-esteem
- sadness
- loneliness
- uncertainty
- pessimism
- poverty

How to fight it?

- learn to control themselves.You have recently eaten a meal and thinking back, for example chocolate?Take a break, for example, make a 10-minute exercise, aimed at problem areas.The desire to eat can be lost, if not, eat sweets instead of some fruit.

- try to eat at certain hours, thoroughly chewing it.

- work out.Join a group aerobics in the pool, etc.In addition to solving problems with weight, exercise in the group will change your psychological state, there will be positive emotions, new friends.

- do not go to the store with a sense of hunger, or you buy a lot more food than you need.

Love Lyul'ko

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