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If you are swayed

They do not suffer kinetosis ever.Normally less swayed people over 60 years.Particularly susceptible to motion sickness kids and girls suffer worse way than boys.But the kids up to two years pitching did not feel.No wonder they are so fond of cribs, swings and roundabouts.But for some adult single glance at the spinning ride, enough to accidents "turned inside out."A serious problem is any trip for those who suffer from biliary dyskinesia.

a few weeks before the trip

begins to train the vestibular apparatus.

• Do leaned forward and to the sides, slowly roll your head.
• Lying on his stomach, head sveste the couch, then quickly lift, straining his chin.
• When swimming in the pool, create yourself "artificial rocking": Turn the body in one direction and then the other on every stroke.
• Dance the waltz.
• 1-2 weeks before your trip take Siberian Ginseng extract 30 drops 2-3 times a day.


• Take a good night's sleep.
• Eat about 1.5-2 hours before departure: a

meal should be light.
• Do not smoke or drink alcohol - they aggravate motion sickness.
• Do not use strong-smelling perfume - smells can provoke nausea and headache.

while traveling

• Do not focus on the discomfort.
• Avoid stuffy: air-conditioning, open the window.Clothes should not hamper the movements.
• Ask for travel to the station to defer snack - food odors increase motion sickness.
• Take a slice of lemon.As soon as you feel discomfort, they suck.Someone help peppermint candy, chewing gum, candy or ginger tea (cookies) with ginger.Try to drink cool water.Well, if you can put in your mouth a piece of ice or ice-cream.

• When seasick chosen closer and closer, impacts on particularly sensitive points in the skin.Finger massage the area under the ear lobe.Another point is on the inner side of the forearm, at a distance of 3 fingers from the palm of your hand.

The ship .Spend more time on the deck, in the central part of the ship - the bow and at the stern there is more pitching.Standing on the deck, fix gaze on the horizon.Well, if the cabin is located away from sources of noise, vibration and strong odors.

the bus and car .Take the direction of travel in the front seat.Tilt the seat back as much as possible - is transferred trip easier in the supine position.Look ahead.Imagine what it is you're sitting behind the wheel - no wonder the one who drives the car, never swayed.Do not read, listen to music better.

Airplane .During takeoff and landing, try to breathe deeply.Stock up on caramels.

If you all these methods do not help, buy in the way drugs that reduce the sensitivity of the vestibular apparatus.

magazine "Health" June 2008