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What makes you older

2. Actively YOU are following fashion trends

if this season will be fashionable too tight corsets, jeans or shoes, a hundred times think before you spend money on these instruments of torture.Both the first and the second and third severely damage your body, even though you are going to look in this stylish, tall and slender: impaired blood circulation in the whole body!Well, if you like - will suffer.But only one night in the most fashionable clubs!

3. You drink and drink juice through a straw

The "right" clubs, restaurants and cafes tube not throw you into the glass, and offered to take a separate stand.It's not because of greed, but because they know: to seduce the handsome at the next table you can and other methods besides folded his lips.This erotic reception is gone: this leads to facial fine wrinkles around the mouth luchevidnym that are almost impossible to correct.

4. You do not listen to your skin

If any feeble redness, acne and skin rashes are you waiting for, when th

e "self-will", the risk of subsequent treatment grows significantly.Closely monitor the behavior of the skin if it is not an allergy, it is most likely the result of sun exposure or stress, which leads to the appearance of wrinkles: more cool drink of water, and once a week to make a mask.

5. Do you use an intense scrub too often

smooth feel of the skin after an intense scrub misleading: it is not because a scrub miracle, but because you mercilessly scrape the skin, damaging the epidermis and preparing a wonderful platform for pimples, irritation, peeling and uneven tan.Do not use such scrubs once a week, and immediately after the procedure, apply a good moisturizer.

6. person you express all your emotions

How often do you see Monica Bellucci, which frowns frowns and raises an eyebrow?Do you think she is arrogant and unemotional?Not at all.Each facial muscles can become wrinkles.Therefore, pronouncing each phrase, watch your facial expressions, especially when talking on the phone.And also uses a cream with retinol and put a mask that dries, tightens the skin film.

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