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Attack against you

Why me?
Why is this happening to me - that's the first question that comes to mind when the attack took place.The answer to it is not.Panic attacks are subject to approximately 2% of people, most of them women.
attack is almost impossible to predict, it can happen in the street crowd, in the office, in the elevator, in the store, in your own bed.
These attacks frighten more than the actual harm that they cause.The only solace is that they can and must be fought.

Signs attack.
begins with the groundless anxiety grows into fear and terror.You can engage in common, such as washing the dishes or go to the subway, when a wave of fear covers your head.
Emotions are accompanied by heart palpitations, shortness of breath, weakness.The body reacts to fear, sweat stands out in a larger than usual amount.Apart from all these "charms" are not rare in pain in the chest, the air is not enough, the person starts to choke.You may experience stomach pain, severe nausea, dizziness, loss of orientation in space.Someti
mes the attacks end in syncope.
All the people at least once in my life experienced such an attack, agree that in such moments they are sure to die.Although, in fact it is not.Panic attack - it's not a heart attack, stroke, do not, do not fear death.It was nice enough, but such conditions are not fatal.This is not a sign of health problems and mental, a panic attack is not the consequences of any - any abnormalities of the nervous system.But amid such attacks can develop phobias and manias, which greatly complicates life.

All that you need in these moments - is to try to calm down, to convince myself that this is just another attack, which is sure to take place.The next step is the need to find a foothold, not to fall and not get hurt.Sit or, if possible, lie down on while the attack did not take place.Try to control the emotions and not to succumb to fear.

Location expect an attack?

attacks do not start from scratch, even though you and it seems that it is not.The first and the most common cause of panic attacks in your life is a chronic stress.If your life is present constant discomfort that lasts a long time, such attacks - a common reaction to anxiety and concern.Hypochondriac people often become hostages to their emotions, and too reserved can not find the exit anger, resentment or fear.

If you lead a way of life, far removed from the healthy, it might become another drop, which leads to the development of a panic attack.The absence of - or the regime of the day, regular lack of sleep, poor diet, lack of motor activity - all this leads to the development of various kinds of problems.
Panic attacks may occur in people who abuse alcohol and drugs.

Many consider themselves too hard, right or healthy for such attacks, so do not look for the cause of panic in itself, and in the external environment.For example, if the last attack was in the subway, a man not prone to introspection, sees the reason only in the place where the attack occurred.That is absolutely wrong.

How to reflect the attack?
cope with their own emotions is not so - simple.Firstly, it is necessary to pinpoint the cause of the discomfort and eliminate it.Leave daily routine, proper diet, moderate alcohol consumption or waived, restful sleep - that's a guarantee that you will be healthy.
During an attack, it is important to breathe correctly.The large influx of oxygen stimulates the internal organs, and reduces unpleasant symptoms.In addition, it is important to maintain contact with reality, to convince themselves that the world has not collapsed, the reality has not changed, the attack did not become fatal.
people prone to this problem, we recommend not only correct way of life, but also yoga, meditation, counseling psychologist.

Panic attacks may start suddenly and end just as suddenly.If you remove the cause, if you learn to deal with panic attacks can not be repeated, since it is not a sentence and not a disease that can last a lifetime.If you do not run the situation and not to give up, the reasons for the anxiety and fear not.

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