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Imaginary illness

in reality.The first term was coined in 1988, and in 1990 in the United States have already created National Center for Chronic Fatigue.But research into the causes and clinical picture of the disease have been conducted.We figure out just what bad pathology is diagnosed and can not be effectively treated.While guided by the symptoms - fatigue lasting for some unknown reason, does not pass after a rest, muscle discomfort, fever, painful lymph nodes and joints, memory loss and depression.Physicians are advised to rest more and move.And there are no magic medicines, techniques and tools!

What to do?Any malaise - a reason to check health, make sure you are not hosting the virus in the body, or a chronic infection that just give similar symptoms.It is useful to deal with psychological problems.Well, and then - to adjust work and rest, to make time for a 2-3 hour hiking, take a trip - just start to enjoy life ... and forget about the diagnosis!

2. Dysbacteriosis

media claim that from him in varyi

ng degrees affected almost 90% of Russia's population."Do not match any documents that match the query dysbiosis" - meets the International Classification of Diseases.What's the matter?It's just not an independent disease, but a manifestation of other diseases, particularly gastrointestinal.

in reality.Intestinal microflora everyone especially individual.Accurate data, how many millions of good and bad bacteria must inhabit us, no.The analysis on a dysbacteriosis also gives very approximate results - he literally depends on what you ate the day before.More or less objective picture could only give a biopsy of the intestine.

What to do?Belching, heartburn, nausea, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, bad breath, allergic reactions to harmless products ... It's time to a gastroenterologist.These symptoms are inherent in almost all diseases of the digestive tract, which in turn is accompanied by dysbiosis.Take the probiotic preparations to prevent, as called advertising, meaningless.If you need to appoint them, but together (not together!) With treatment of the underlying problem.

3. «Slagging»

Only lazy not commented on the toxins, waste, and this is necessary for all cleanse the body."Clean" offer herbs, drugs, enemas, tyubazh ...

in reality.Nutritional supplements, hydrotherapy, cleansing the blood - a lucrative business for those who are by and large a little worried about our health.Many dietary supplements have a choleretic effect and the presence of stones (of which you can not suspect) may cause blockage of the bile duct, pancreatic necrosis and just completely destroy a healthy, seemingly human.And most importantly, no serious medical source does not know of such a term as "slag".Well, there is no such phenomenon in our body!

«Slag" - a kind of password by which we can confidently identify the charlatan - and get away from it aimlessly.

What to do?There is a vague feeling that you are not okay?Poor digestion, dull complexion?Make a complete ultrasound of the abdomen.And then the doctor will decide - whether you need hepatoprotectors, Bile, laxatives and other drugs.The correct course along with diet to help cleanse the body from unpleasant feelings and head of errors.

4. High cholesterol

No matter what you feel bad cholesterol you still elevated, convince us the television screen, newspapers and the Internet.This means that you will surely step out of the path leading to a heart attack!

in reality.Cholesterol is not at fault.This is just one of the predisposing factors for heart disease and blood vessels, and not the chief.In addition, the number is not so important "enemy" as its behavior in metabolism.But especially lipid (fat) metabolism in all different due to genetically.And no supplements along with upgraded yoghurt change will not help.

What to do?Do not succumb to hysteria, anti-cholesterol, and easy to weigh your risk factors, genetic analysis pass, after 40 years, an annual check cholesterol levels and to implement the recommendations of doctors.Well, yogurt and low-fat diet will not hurt anyone else - as one of the elements of a healthy diet.

5. Helminthiases

At first glance, these diseases rife.Only in the International Classification of more than a hundred different ascariasis, schistosomiasis and other parasitic diseases.We read on the Internet: "Up to 80% of all existing human diseases caused by parasites, either directly, or are a consequence of their life in our body ...", "You can only determine the parasites method of frequency resonance diagnostic ...»

in reality.There is a separate group of parasitic diseases.There are "infectious and parasitic diseases."It is for them being VOZovskaya statistics.And in the report of the European Bureau of the WHO in 2005 in black and white says: "parasitic diseases, coupled with communicable up 9% of the total incidence."So the claim almost without exception helminth infection - pure lies.

deceive and frighten us, to sell ordinary dietary supplements, nobody checked and unconfirmed action.

What to do?Helminths really easy to pick up.He stroked the dog ate undercooked river fish ... check if certain complaints (diarrhea, fever, abdominal pain) can and should be.But only the doctor-parasitologist infectious diseases, which will appoint tests, and medications will pick up.

6. Avitaminosis

Until recently, talking about vitamins only good: it is our defense against cancer, heart attacks and colds.Almost a panacea for all ills, and the elixir of youth.And if you're frequently - this is clearly a lack of vitamins from what else!

in reality.No doubt - we are all in varying degrees, are deficient in vitamin.But find out exactly how many and what can only be after the test: blood tests, an objective assessment of the state, accounting comorbidities.It is believed that the body actually begins to suffer from vitamin deficiency only in the case of an excess of one or more vitamins on a background of a lack of others.

What to do?Do you need to constantly take vitamins (especially in high doses), must be addressed strictly individual, a physician carefully weigh the "pros" and "cons".In particular this applies to the fat-soluble vitamins (A, E, D): they accumulate in the body, and an overabundance of serious consequences.But seasonal rates multivitamin preparations harm will not be exact.