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diabetes - a serious and very common disease.When a blood test shows a high content of sugar, there is reason to think about their health.
Type 1 diabetes - is a consequence of the failure of the pancreas.It does not produce insulin, which controls blood sugar levels.Such patients are dependent on insulin injections.
Type 2 diabetes - a disease in which the body can not use insulin as directed.For example, because of the huge amount of sugar entering the bloodstream.Insulin has no time to be produced in the quantities in which it is needed.This disease can cause as heredity, and an unhealthy diet.Diabetes type
3 - is gestational diabetes.It is a form of diabetes that occurs only during pregnancy and then goes away by itself.

-hronicheskaya fatigue;
-chuvstvo hunger;
-Part urination;
- a sharp decrease in weight;
-poterya visual acuity;
-onemenie limbs;
-padenie body temperature.
If you see yourself in one or more of these symptoms, do not p
anic, you should promptly consult your doctor and take all measures in order not to lose the usual quality of life.

Unfortunately, not everything is tasty, it is useful.Sweets are so good that they can not disappear without a trace in our mouth.
Check whether you are prone to diabetes can be quite simple.Check, does not exceed the amount of your waist 80cm.If it is higher, you ought to do all the necessary tests.If
absorb candy, cakes, biscuits and cakes in unlimited quantities, sooner or later, you will notice some changes in your body.Favorite jeans are not nalezut at the crucial moment, and after a few years you'll have to dress in the departments for full.Of course, there are the lucky ones who have a terrific metabolism and can eat anything you want.But, more often, poor diet leads to excess weight.
In order to prevent the development of obesity, you just need to replace sugar on cereal, fruit, vegetables and nuts.Excess weight leads to high blood pressure, problems with joints and spine, diseases of internal organs.If you want to save not only the appearance, but also health, proper nutrition is essential.

How to deal?
What if you are one of those sweet tooth that varnish over the years, have already experienced the harmful effects of sugar?To begin with, the revision of your diet.You should not starve yourself.Simply replace sugar products more useful, and the rest make a balanced nutrition.You should not completely deprive yourself of glucose, it is necessary to complete the work of the brain.
move more.Fat people need exercise, let it be even ordinary walking, importantly, do not allow yourself to be lazy.
Follow calories.At night you need no more than 1,800 calories, so watch for the nutritional value of products.
In extreme cases, no harm will be and surgery, if the diet, sports and beauty treatments do not help.Remember to be very bad and very full - is harmful.You just need to make the rules and thereby solve many problems - and aesthetic and health-related.