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The impact of weather on human health

Who are they?

When children are healthy and emotionally depressed, their body adapts smoothly abrupt weather changes.But there is in the life of our offspring specific periods in which weather horse racing are particularly acute.

STORM whom to choose?

a sharp change in the weather overreacting children suffering from chronic diseases.Will feel bad children with vascular dystonia;will feel discomfort, patients with asthma, chronic gastritis, and child suffering from eczema, patients with pneumonia and pyelonephritis.

First, babies.Almost 80% of babies crying, sleep poorly and suffer gases was in the days of the change of weather fronts.Particularly sensitive to the weather and premature were born by caesarean section babies.

Secondly, the age of entry to school.When the life of 6-8-year-olds is changing dramatically, they have great psycho-emotional stress.

Third, adolescence, when the body is 13-15-year-old young men shaking hormonal changes.



On a good clear day, when the holiday-rested lightly on sanatorium radio broadcasts in Jurmala it was announced that the Sun observed protonic flash and this day - a very unfavorablehealth.And what?Vacationers are picked up beach towels, tennis rackets postponed, we got off a bike and pulled the doctor's office complaining of feeling unwell, headache and weakness caused by the weather.

What body reacts when the weather changes?

course, sharp fluctuations in temperature and in one, and in the opposite direction to the body are not indifferent.And magnetic disturbances meteodependent child feels.But the universal sign that the weather is changing - a sharp change in atmospheric pressure.

If pressure sharply (3 hours) falls to 1 mm Hg.Art.or rises sharply to 1.5 mm - wait for the bad state of health in weather-sensitive children.

But to discuss their concerns with their children, especially teenagers, do not.Do not ask them, "How are you feeling?".Children are very suggestible: the child may actually feel bad if that await him.

truly serious health days, not so much - 18-20 per year.Not very comfortable - every fifth or sixth day.

that feelings?

reaction meteosensitive children is very different.Exacerbated chronic diseases.When heart disease in these days there are shortness of breath, arrhythmia.In patients with pneumonia - respiratory failure.We suffer from gastritis - abdominal pain.Patients worried pyelonephritis frequent urination.

And children experiencing age crisis, in these days can be hard to sleep, to feel increased sweating, weakness, experience jumps of arterial pressure, quickly tired, irritable, or be scattered ... It is in these days they are often in conflict with parents, arguing with peers, worselearn.

summer, children almost do not react to unfavorable days because it does not hang over them the sword of Damocles of school stress.

how to help them?

If you notice that your child does not tolerate a change of weather:

• chronic diseases, let's be sure to preventive medicine;
• in bad days do not be too demanding on him and limit his physical and emotional stress;
• traditional way tempers him every day - a contrast shower: cool water for 1-2 minutes, 1-2 minutes - hot.In the apartment walk barefoot in light clothing.From 3 years old can drive a child in the bath.

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