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Loss of sound

Who turned off the sound?
Most often lost his voice because of the widespread infection, which is called laryngitis.It is known that the immune system can withstand winter colossal attack germs and cold does not contribute to its protection.Germs get into the throat, causing the throat swells, there is inflammation, which leads to the fact that you can not talk.In the best case, only wheezing.
If there is no infection, and you have not lost my voice at the stadium or in the bar - karaoke, the case may be in the nerves.Sometimes his voice suddenly vanishes before an important performance, due to stress.To treat such a deviation is difficult, it is necessary to contact a specialist.

What to do?
To start, you need to drink a lot, as with any cold.Juice, lemon tea, juice.Contrary to popular belief, drinking in any case should not be hot.Too hot food and water for a sore throat harmful.It is easy to get burned mucosa, which is inflamed and vulnerable.Therefore, only drink warm drinks, it will help moist

urize and soothe irritated throat nerve receptors.

Favorite grandmother remedy for colds - milk with honey.Do not rush to be treated this way.Honey - a very useful thing, which contains natural antiseptic, but the milk - the ideal environment for bacteria.It turns out that one part honey kills bacteria and promotes the growth of the rest of the milk.Replace honey with warm tea or juice, the effect will be much better.

Some believe that the sore throat should be treated with extreme ways.For example, ice cream.Strange, but sometimes this method does work, but to predict how he will act, almost impossible.Cold food is hot and irritates the throat cells, freezing cold germs on time, but in the dairy environment they will quickly multiply.Therefore it is better not to risk it.

traditional remedy for the treatment of diseases of the throat - rinse.Salt and soda, herbal infusions - it works.Brew chamomile, calendula, sage and oregano, or gargle every two hours, you will see the effect very quickly.

To effects of drugs and increased rinsing, wrap the neck warm scarf and do not remove it, even at night.Warm throat, you accelerates the destruction of microbes.


To this trouble does not happen, you need to take some action.For example, do not forget about the strong reception of vitamins in the winter - it will boost your immune system and chances to be healthy at the same time.Second, do not get carried away with cold drinks and ice cream, especially on the street.Third, watch for so that the neck and feet were always warm, otherwise the risk of contracting an unpleasant infection is very high.Fourth, do not neglect vaccination.Try not to scream and talk less on the street, if it is very cold and do not strain at this time of the vocal cords by excessive loads.All songs and cheerful feasts can wait for some time until the first thaw.
Another perfect prophylactic against many colds - hardening.Get used to the cold body and teach it easy to carry it.In addition to general douches, you can handle the cavity of the throat with water from a spray bottle.Start with 35 degrees and lowering the temperature by 1 degree every day, bringing the total to 15. It is best to temper his throat mineral water.
addition.Remember grandma's advice - do not drink tea with honey, before you have to leave the house.

Save Health is not just winter, vitamin deficiency, low temperatures weaken the body and immune system.But there are ways to resist bacteria, just take care of yourself and protect yourself from possible diseases.