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Valery Nikolaev, "I do not suffer from a complex beauty"

- Do you have criteria for beauty?

- The proportions of the face and figure - it is certainly nice, but the man is beautiful not only that.So I recently watched a program that addressed the topic of "complex beauty."What, in your opinion, is invested in these words?

Valery Nikolaev, "I do not suffer from a complex beauty" - Well, maybe, the man believing himself superkrasivym can not afford some things ... For example, walk down the street among us mere mortals ...

- I Meant that beauty - is a complex conceptand it consists of many parts.Personally, I do not suffer from a complex beauty, because if you approach yourself from such positions, each time you see a pimple on your face, or wrinkle, will be dismayed.

external beauty can be lost in the same way as property, money and other things.And what can not be taken away - is the inner world: experience, knowledge, discovery, relationship.Wealth accumulated inside, does not disappear, then people feel independent and confident in any situation, in any environment, in any communication.

Everyone is busy, what brings him satisfaction, that from which it gets the creative buzz becomes a millimeter closer to the Creator.Then his eyes light up, a man illuminated from within.You can wear any costume, hide your eyes behind the glasses, but did not hide the inner light.Him and seen from the back.That kind of person is absolutely beautiful!

- Russian girl you like, and some national cuisine do you prefer?

- I have a friend of the princess - a French Corsican roots.She lives in Los Angeles and is interested in kitchens around the world.One day she came running to me with burning eyes."You know - I ask - what is the healthiest food?Calm Down!Russian! "It turned out she read that in the imperial army diet was perfectly balanced, and largely due to cereals.In gratitude for the "glad tidings" I introduced her to buckwheat.

Valery Nikolaev, "I do not suffer from a complex beauty" - Do you have a favorite dish?

- Meat and fish.And love is, and cook!And it turns out all depending on product quality and sincere desire not to spoil it.

- I feel you are a great host, and his father?Dasha is now 11, the age of the complex.Easy for you to communicate with her?

- We need each other!I wish that our relationship remained friendly and trusting.But communication is not enough, I would love to see her more often.

- to keep everything under control and educate?

- What is to educate?I'm learning that.Education goes together with her daughter.Something she teaches me, something - I did.We try to be as honest with each other.Whatever you may say, but one thing to grow, nurture - is quite different!Not to say something, it is important to find the words that will be taken as necessary.

- If you are going to say that the channel, see "Home", I would not be surprised ...

- very good name - "Home".Any normal person seeks comfort and coziness, home food ...

- And how do you feel about the Internet - one of the most popular sources of information?

- There plenty of amenities.Information?Of course!A post ?!How do without it?Do you want to communicate directly - go to the forums, chats.Ten years ago it was hard to imagine that I'm sitting at home, I can easily communicate with people from Boston, from Sweden.

I recently wrote to the woman who many years ago, twice a month, came to our performances "Some dance to the sound of rain" and "Unexpected Joy" from Stockholm.

And indeed, I remembered that sometimes mysteriously appeared suddenly with a bouquet of white chocolate "Tubleron"!Now we get to know and communicate.Yet thanks to the internet I found my cousin.I even have a website.Incidentally, the letters I answer myself.I very much want to meet with everyone who writes to me.I hope the coming year will organize such a meeting.

- Are not you afraid to be disappointed in the people with whom formed may warm relationship by correspondence?

- The main thing is that people are not disappointed in me!

- you are a popular actor, a nice companion.What applies to people who have never heard of Valery Nikolaev?

- Sincerely.Because, most likely, they are busy more interesting than watching movies with my participation.As a rule, these people have a story to tell, and I - what to listen to.They deepened in literature, in science ... It's nice when these people invite me into their world, where they can admire.These are the people who have come in the normal limit of opportunities every day to perform the feat.That's about these people, you can shoot movies and write books.

- Would you like to be like that?To a movie filmed not with Nikolaev and Nikolaev about?

- I dream to be interesting in the same way as those people that make movies.But while the actor Nikolaev have a lot of work than to his role were close and interesting to the viewer.

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