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Michael Moore - "soaring eagle"

Many brain - poor sleep

- Michael, you are a long time dropped out of the cage.It's hard to come back?

- Why is dropped?On the radio I heard the song.Well, yes, a little, of course.But that's because I'm a bit too lazy to go somewhere.I could take a couple of mp3 - my fifty-seven new songs - and all would be twirled.But I'm not poor - this time.Secondly, I have recently had a lot of hassle.I lost my parents.Before that my mother built a cottage.It also took a lot of time.We had to change three brigades.Everyone was drunk and nets.Build.Mom managed to stay there only four years.In general, I eagle soaring through the zodiac.There is an American zodiac.The eagle flies so glances, glances.I saw something interesting.I flew and looked.Do not fuss.I paint more.Here, for example, I found in the apartment of lipstick.To me it was an inspiration, and I drew a picture of lipstick on a mirror.I am writing again.Such interesting tales.Basically humorous.Poems.But in poetry, I still only get didactic.Here

at Griboyedov - a relative of my paternal - called comedy "Woe from Wit".Why is that?And because when too many brains, it honestly, and other times it is difficult to sleep.So I sometimes jump up at night.I have a thought - again!And I write it right.And sometimes too lazy to get up.That gave me a poem: "weathervane weathervane weathervane - I / vane weathervane weathervane - I am."And I was lying, lying, lying, lying down, then suddenly jumped up and wrote the song "Weathervane".I did sinkopki such.Immediately it began to sound different.I love all the diversity.I do not have this: did one song - Yeah, failed.And then I swam in the creek.

- Why people mostly know only "Apples in the snow?"

- A series of Afghanistan?And the same "Weathervane"?A "warm showers?"No-o.I just can not speak for the little things.These casinos - every this nonsense.Well, he played on the football team ("Stark." - EK).But there are very rude people were.Those with whom I started the good guys, and then joined the others.I even lay somewhere this agreement, which I call "first."People say, stolen.Can you imagine?Included in the bus our sponsor and gives the boys money - bonus fee.He liked the way we played, and he decided to encourage us.So one of the organizers to run against him, beginning to pull money from him.He puts them in his pocket.I was so weird!On another occasion, we again played well - received the fee, I suggested, "Let's get together with our technical part: with therapists - all ... and skins to them."But those same people again interjected: "Yes, already distributed to all!Already have all received their salaries! "And I thought," Well, you can not give more money?It's a pity that it? "I like it all sickens.

- you often climb into the bottle?

- But why?Yes, let him choke on the money!Che I will humiliate myself?Of course, I can give in the face.Mainly because of the rudeness.Or because of some words, which I can not stand.There were times when I fought against one of sixteen people.The person then looked like a bloody melon.This is the Solntsevo I potsapalsya.I was told the wrong word.I decided not to leave the matter.Three cut down.But what can you do when you're sixteen beating?There also was a narrow space, it is impossible to move.I hung on their hands as on the ropes.I kept the three in one hand and three for others.And they are strong guys.They beat me.And then just gone and all.(Proudly.) But the three I still cut down.They are already part of the dead.As well as my robbers who cleaned my apartment.Police rock the boat, rock the boat.As a result, I had to look for.It was long time ago, in 1993.

- Many stolen?

- a lot.Six sports bags carried.It's a shame more.I had the Order of Lenin Lev Oborin (piano. - EK), I gave him his daughter Oborin.Ruble Peter I - the prize.There was such a medal, called "For Valour".But it has been made out of the ruble.A lot of equipment carried.Mink coats that I bought his girlfriend - she had to go abroad.Well, a lot.And all good things.The police dig deeper, dig deeper.I felt ridiculous.During this time, the bandits cut each other.One cut off the ears and eggs, drowned in a swamp.Another put knives in the billiard room.I'm their leader personally met - he then killed himself.He began to ask me, so I did a concert.I wanted to raise money to send to the area.They recruit guards at a certain point: it's time to go, he enlists him, and then he works on it.I said, okay, but I must first work out its tour.

- In the area?

- What does the zone?No, I mean - his concerts to work.And I worked in the prison: in the Butyrka in special facility for dangerous young offenders near Tashkent.

I have scars on his face twelve

- As the experience of prison?

- You know, I just see a very good warm person.When a person has a warm person, most likely, he accidentally fell into such a situation.Now I have, for example, there is a very good friend.Not a friend who is not familiar.A friend.He loved a girl.She left him to stand on the corner.On the lookout ie.At that time, her friends run out flat.But he did not know about it - just stood there, waiting for her.Because he loved her.They were caught.But these bandits because it uboltali that he took care of all - though he led the looting.He sat down.Five gave him.And he is a boxer - master of sport in the heavyweight division.There he gave komuto on the head.He added time.He ran.He was caught.He is a policeman who caught him, too, he gave in the head - and killed.As a result, it is like that for no reason was twelve years old.Almost nothing!

- Do not fear that you might have something like this happen?

- I have a special look at everything that happens.I once beat four police officers, and I was given only 15 days.Simply, they were in civilian clothes.They caught me for some reason.A certificate shown in total darkness.I started to run away - they are catching up.As a result, they had to beat.

- Just four?

- I'm an athlete.In the past.Now - athlete.On the ski run in the plains, mountain ride.Che else to do.I do not jump from a springboard.That's a long time I did not have skakalochki.I can jump from skakalochkoy.Thousands of jumps at a time.

- Why you all this happening?Why did you get into these scrapes?

- Because I'm trusting.I have a scar on the face of twelve.If you look closely.

- You are often tripped up?

- mainly debtors.If I collect all that I gave in debt, I would have gladly would build a cottage.Ta-a-ak (looks around in search of his assistants).Where is my Shepherd, then?Gone?A zakapnut in eyes?(After returning assistants.) Now you know what the capital of the State of Burkina Faso?

- I have no idea.

- Ouagadougou.

- You lexicographer?

- This is my reading book - encyclopedia.I read half of Brockhaus and Efron.And there are eighty-four volumes.I started reading about the Russian-Turkish war, then about sailing navigation, and then on the word 'prostitution' read a lot.What is prostitution, how it has evolved.At the word "coin", the word "ruble".Money - it is a separate paragraph.

- I look ...

- Well, first, you do not look, and listen.Although we say, "I see."It - Russian.This is correct.

- You are so carefully follow the correct native language?

- Yes, and do not miss the opportunity to correct.The delicate form.

- What are the wrong use of words particularly enrage you?

- nothing infuriates me.I am a very balanced person.I was furious rudeness.And some words offensive to me.I can for them and give a turnip.But no longer beat, because all hands are broken.Now, only a soft spot: the lower leg, crotch, knees, ears.Very fond of palms on ears - bang-bang!Then it turns out concussion.

My girlfriend stronger men

- and you love so rampant?

- I try to restrain myself.But it fails badly.But what about love, love - is one thing, passion - is quite another.It's here: he saw - sniffed - "where do you live?" I'm here with a girl poznakomilsyaza money.But she came to me.Three days stayed.All cleaned, perestirala.Dust wiping.Even on the balcony of pigeon droppings removed.No money is not taken.Beautiful!Red.Waist thin.Thin ankles.Kolenochki thin.Eyes are whitish.

- from a woman, you always release was not?

- in the press, even the number counted.But I do not philanderer.It's just that I had a special intensity during the meetings.My wife was.Beloved wife - I married for love.We had, by the way, even met recently.Nevertheless, to the wife, I could sometimes two or three person in time.

- Devotees take out?

- they play on the phone.But I do not like it.I love myself attack.I am the tiger.I attacking style.

- now you have a lady?

- I have a couple of girlfriends, with whom I occasionally talk.They - strong friends, much stronger men.Can you imagine?Twenty-five-year deal.We met when I was a nobody.It was only later I was growing up, rosros.I was in Paris - they were my grandmother was buried.And my grandmother survived twenty-three stroke.

- How do you assess the fresh eye of the current situation in pop music?

- it imposed on the people.Especially young people.We know that young people are very easy to give in to all.It is bad that children are listening.As Himmler said: "If we lose nine years, we will miss them all."This soulless music.In it there is no spirituality.Here Vizbor - is spiritual music."... And the stove are skiing, and old habit we sit in the train ..." muzonchik there even is.Although the songs under gitarku.

- would you like to return the mass popularity?

- I always say when I asked about it: let's go outside.And see how I learn.Seven meter pass - and for me flee.Always know.And a finger poked "in apples have gone!" I so few go to public places.I do not like when they start to smear snot on the lapels.It's disgusting.I sometimes bring up people.I spend a lot of time to explain how to behave.

- A drink name?Clap on the shoulder?

- There are many.Well, I'll see what he is able to.And I can take as little finger, and - breaking the little finger.This is very painful.No, but what?Speak to strangers - it's the first sign of madness.

- tell a lot about you.They say they saw you there is something there somewhere.What are you supposed bottle collect.

- Well, can you imagine?This is strange.This is ridiculous.I'll tell you this: since the eighth grade I was not the case, so I did not have any money.Already a teenager, I made money: playing guitar in the evenings.Then he was busy black marketeering.Now it's called business, then - fartsovka.Yes, there was a period - was not enough money, but I still moonlighting.I worked.I do massage, I worked in the washer bath.It was all that I have not worked in a restaurant.And the restaurant was generally plenty of money.I have always been money.I speak a lot.I also have to pay for water for salt, per match.In the apartment, a car.Then five thousand, five thousand there.We need to work.

Dossier BM:

Muromov Michael was born 18 November 1950 in Moscow.He studied at the Children's School of Music in cello, graduated from high school of mathematics, in 1971 - the Moscow Technological Institute of meat and dairy industry.In 1972-73.He served in the Army in sportrote.He worked with various musicians and groups ("Slavs", "Freestyle", with Olga Zarubina, Lev Leshchenko, Iosif Kobzon, orchestra Anatoly Kroll).He made his debut as a singer on the professional stage in 1985 at the Moscow International Festival of Youth and Students.The song "Apples in the snow" was the debut of Michael Muromova phonograph in 1987.In the late 80's - early 90's toured the Soviet Union and foreign countries (including Afghanistan).The master of sports in swimming, has the 2nd rank in boxing, goes downhill and water skiing.

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