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Via Gra: the new lead singer is not the old soloist

- The secular parties are actively rumors that Ksenia Novikova, the ex-singer of the group "brilliant", negotiates with your producers about teamwork ...

Meseda : The question is rather to the producers.I think Ksenia Novikova - a group of "brilliant" and we - a group of "VIA Gra".That is a completely different formats.

- Former member of "Home2" Alain Vodonaeva also not liked by your format?

Albina : With regard Alena farmacia, all these rumors - pure PR itself farmacia.

- Is it difficult to get on and brown-haired brunette in a team?

Albina : be honest - we're really different.Sometimes we can argue.For example, about the performances at the concert.Always something to prove to each other.But honestly, we do so in good faith.Of course, it is said that we both - hard-nosed.I - Aries horoscope, and by year - Goat.Just double blow.And I know that if something wanted - definitely will achieve.Harmful happens.But what we both do not take away - this commitment.If we set the goal - certainl

y achieve.Although we have a lot of similar interests.Still, the two young girls.We can together watch magazines, go somewhere to talk ...

- How often a need to help each other in the work?

Meseda : Oh, all the time!For example, if someone has torn pantyhose, you can donate spare from his suitcase.Why not?Still, we are in a team!

- The group "VIA Gra" There is a tradition - to maintain relations with the former soloist?

Meseda : We do not have such a tradition.But if people are friends and have been close friends, they will continue to communicate.I'm in the group recently.Unfortunately, just a few months managed to work with Vera Brezhnev.Sometimes we write to sms-kami.Nadia Granovsky person is unfamiliar, but several times it rang.I really like it.I want to get to know her "live."

- Many artists today are doing business in addition to creativity.Do you have any such plans?

Meseda : I see myself only in the works.Next five years is not exactly going to leave the "VIA Gra".

Albina : I fully support Meseda.I have so many years in the band, and never even arose a thought.

- And how you have political ambitions?Is there no desire to engage in any party?

Meseda : I am afraid that I and politics - are incompatible.

Albina : In the years that I was in a group, we have many times been invited to speak in support of a politician or a party leader.But creativity - is something neutral, does not tolerate the impact of the political situation or any political doctrines, so we always refused.

- How do you feel about the political situation in Ukraine?You are satisfied?

Albina : Unfortunately, there is very rarely happens that on this issue have any particular opinion.

Meseda : Despite the fact that in Ukraine, I am more often than Albina, follow all the ups and downs of political life I have not left any time or energy.

- your new videos are predicting a huge success.Tell us what's so special about this clip?

: While not want to disclose all the cards.But I can say that the shooting was really very difficult and extreme.As such, no plot - it's allegorical image that is going through a female soul.In my opinion, every episode was a masterpiece.Shoot a video clip exactly two days without sleep and a lunch break.Everything is so exciting - and the flights that we rehearsed, and immersion in water.In the story I was immersed in a huge aquarium.Clear and quite narrow.He began to fill with warm water, but, as usually happens, overlooked: the water was murky.As a result, banks bought distilled drinking water.And, of course, the water was not warmed and the ice.What to do - I had to dive.But it is also able to work.Even had to wear weights ...

- Simply put, the stone around the neck - and the bottom?

Albina : (Laughs.) Well, something like that.Weighting - 15 kg waist.I experienced severe stress.Nevodyanoy I am a man - that's all!We had beautiful dive, but for me it was an impossible task.

Meseda : In general, we are with grief in half, but managed.The only negative - at the end of the filming had to throw a beautiful dress.

- Rumor has it that you recently, Meseda appeared beloved man with whom began a very serious relationship ...

Meseda: In my life there is no second halves.I'm only half a year in the team, so do not hurry to plunge headlong into the personal life.All in good time, will not need to rush.Who is doing the work and creativity.There was this all my life and am very glad that I can work in a team.

- Albina, we all know that you have a wonderful little boy is growing up.How often unable to see him?

: We would like to do it more often.Sometimes I want to see my husband, a child, but the work is very time-consuming.

- And who brings his little son?

: Helps Mom.But especially while I do not use any educational program.Just bring up the way I feel.I say that it is - black, it - white, it is - well, the - it is bad.After all, the child is only four years.It's small, but the basic things you need to lay.

- plan to turn it into a true artist?

Albina : I would not want my son to have chosen this path.And not because of the complexity of the profession.The matter in the environment, often encountered in the entertainment business.Thank God, I am surrounded by people who are pleasant to me, close, loved and respected.But everywhere has its own production costs, as they say.I would not like that my son fell into bad company.Therefore, it is best to stay away from show business.

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