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Olga Prokofiev: You have to wear dark glasses

you now hardly catch in Moscow.So a lot of touring, filming?

I now have a large and stable operation.It dvenadtsatiseriyny feature film.We can say, mystical and historical detective.I play the main role, and so I have a lot of days of shooting.Moreover, they are not in Moscow.We're shooting in Belarus, in the wonderful city of Grodno.It is very beautiful and has all the necessary surroundings: a river, lake, swamp, river ... That has to constantly go there.

In this project you have a dramatic role?

Yes, I think so.My character name is Varvara Andreevna.She is a writer and a very strong personality.He writes enough light romantic novels and thrillers, but she is also an employee of a department of Interpol, which works with some strange phenomena on the planet.Now I do not want to retell the whole story.I can only say that there will be such an interesting historical sidebar.When Napoleon retreated from Moscow, a lot of his baggage was lost treasure.Just somewhere in Belarus.Until now, th

e gold does not give people rest, all the digging, looking for ... Someone finds, but then these people come all sorts of strange things.

intrigued!When the movie starts?

Well, it's a long process.Now shooting, then installation, voice, so I do not think the audience will see the film until the autumn of 2008.

You are told that your film is a bit mysterious.Do you believe in the most characteristic of any signs?

I am a superstitious person, I believe in some signs, but mysticism is not irrelevant.

I do not like the black cat when it runs somewhere, darts under my feet.She gave me all the time somehow stop.Before the premiere of the head of my day, that everything turned out well.Some are absolutely ridiculous things.Seeds do not gnaw at the theater, not knit socks.I seeds, the truth, and do not eat.Signs - it's nothing any pranks.In one, I believe, in other - not very.And all with regard to the mystics - no, I did not admit to himself.No thought or reasoning.I can read books, but be sure to just get some information and not let it into your life.Yes, I am a lot of this is interesting, but I try not to sink into it, because it's very addictive, and if you start to believe in something, you get into some kind of addiction.So I try to keep some kind of a ring around him from all this.

most viewers did you become known for Jeanne Arkadyevna.Prior to this role you played in the movie?

Yes, I worked in the movies.I had small roles have very good directors.At Alia Surikovoj have Abdurashitova, but they were incidental roles.Well, the show - is another matter.One hundred and forty-series!Every day on TV.Who does not even look, but simply by switching channels, stumble on my "beautiful nurse".

series "The Nanny" brought to you by the insanely popular.Then you began to understand why the well-known Hollywood actors wear hats and glasses half face?

Yes.Now to me it is clear.The series still continue to turn.So we - recognizable faces.

nice to be popular, but it's like saying you can eat a spoonful of honey, half a cup, but not the three-liter jar.I mean, that excessive attention.

There is a certain presumptuousness public.Can somewhere to sit there and to suit you strangers, sit down, clap on the shoulder, asking for autographs, take pictures on the phone ... And all these paparazzi who follow the life of famous people?Therefore it is necessary to slightly somewhere quiet to go and that you have not clicked on the street wear like Hollywood stars, sunglasses.It's not because I'm tired of everything and just focus excessively much.After all, the actor may be tired after work, or he simply ran out of bread, it does not necessarily paint the eyes, do her hair.But then you know, and say, "Oh, children, come here, we will take pictures!" And the children - is sacred, I can not refuse them ...

Yes, it seems, you are kind to children.You strict mom?

I - different.Because I sometimes think that something to his son to give less, because ever at work, terribly busy, I start something to chew on the inside.Like, I'm not real mother.But I know that wherever I was, I always know where my son what he was doing, whether fed.My mother is my sister really loves and loves, so it seems to me, I learned this.

you proud of your son?

You know, I almost did not go to PTA meetings, because they are at seven o'clock in the evening - in most of my working hours.Since I have free evenings are practically no, I did not either in Moscow or toil in the theater, I do not get to them.Lucky that Sasha has always been a good classroom teacher, who all know and understand.We will either call up or they send me SMS-ki, and I am aware of all school problems.Something Sasha nedosdal problem on the subject, or there is some event where you need the money pass.I always know about it in time.

Is there such a thing you do not let your son?

Yes.He has no lawlessness in some dreams.

For example, Sasha asked me already, four laptop, and I believe that it is still early.So that the laptop was purchased just this summer when his son passed the exam for the ninth grade.We do not have to Sasha asked for something and immediately received.Well, sometimes stutters a moped.I also think that as long as his age is not safe - somewhere to dissect a scooter.So while I do not buy it.

Many famous women say that the secret of youth and beauty - at least eight hours of sleep.Do you also think so?

course, restores sleep, relaxes, gives strength ... I need nine hours to sleep.If I sleep five or six hours - I need a lot of effort to survive the day.So of course, I'm shoving himself into bed early, if possible.Or somewhere dovorovyvayu another hour.If there is somewhere to lie down and twenty minutes to fall asleep - it gives me strength for the afternoon.It does not always work, but it turns out.

And then if things are going well and doing nothing, it pleases the situation itself.This is a working rhythm.

Going to the shooting - manage to sleep for five hours.Then you go by car, and sleeping for another three hours.So, we have to force myself to sleep for another hour.Sometimes forced to have the strength, the energy was.Sometimes you do not get enough sleep, but I do not like to complain.This is my profession, and I chose it herself, she chose for himself a timetable.Do not schedule chooses me.I myself fill it all.Sama put a cross, tick, hooks.So, Olga, gallop, jump, come on!

What's more important for you to look good, or a good cook?

for actresses look good - part of the profession.That other women decide for themselves: this week is not going to do, but in the next - will be especially beautiful.Depending on her mood.And we - a little hostage.We have to look good, we are public people, have to be in shape.What's nice: look at the actress who is well built, and the one who, sorry, hanging belly, or something like that?Well, there is a complete artist, whose feature reflects the essence of the character, but we are not going to them.In general, public people should put a lot of time and effort to look good.

your figure the envy of any model.Share a secret, how do you manage to stay so slim?

ingenious recipe gave Maya Plesetskaya: "Do you want to lose weight - do not sit zhramshi!" This advice is for me.I especially do not sit on a diet, but always eat very little.

the morning bread like it is, I can make a toast with cheese and baked.Can a loaf of delicious dairy products.But neither day nor night, I had the bread does not allow.Dinner ... I have such moving performances: it is necessary to move a lot, dancing on stage ... I can not for one play or one and a half kilograms of leave.So I always have dinner, but it's easy.Clearly, potato fried eat.I can boil yourself shrimp salad to make.

Clearly, in such employment, as you have time to cook and can not stay ...

I cook, I'll tell you honestly.Because I - my mother.Sometimes, of three kinds of meat patties and twist morozilochku pile.Because I often go on tour, and his son Sasha can fry them.I'm for it, basically, and cook for yourself - almost none.

What kind of gifts do you like to receive?

I like different ... Now, thanks to the project "My Fair Nanny" I had a lot of friends and fans of all kinds.They are very creative!I compose all kinds of clips of my theatrical works, voiced.One girl gave me such a wonderful puzzle.They took my photo and made it 150 pieces.So now I can collect myself.I say, well, if I live to be old, I will do.A plate can still draw scenes from the movie, write a poem or make a calendar for a year with my photos of some magazines.These are the original gifts, and they are very nice to me, I enjoy.And with regard to loved ones, they are trying to give something right, well, this is not necessarily the kind of household appliances, because it is not especially feminine gift.Try to give, for example, some good perfume.

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