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Valery - "uncontrollable / Out Of Control»

far to our ears the same songs sound much more familiar in Russian.In the native language of Valery appears exquisitely feminine, do not neglect the ghostly spell of weakness or soulful sentimentality.

began on the album "My Tenderness" (2006) to tighten the process of crystallization of the guitar image Valerie blooming in the new work quite unexpected facets."Offside" is sent first to the postroku, but come to the rock mainstream.

«uncontrollable» mutates from pop ballads to the stadium pop-rock scale of the Madonna, and then in the depths of tricky electronics IDM.

word juggling genres speaks of the degree of internal freedom of the authors and the producer of a certain courage and singer.This same quality is a serious drawback - update Valeria with an abundance of guitar can podrasteryal major share of their former fans, but it will take you less than pop music fans - a very big question.

on the English album, in addition to a powerful cover songs "Bee Gees» «Stayin 'Alive», has a catchy hit «T

he party's over».Valeria English sounds much more tightly, flashy, almost hysterically.None calm progovorennoy-sung phrase.

idea is clear - bump into r'n'b desire was not there, but to be a Russian ethnographic Baba headdress desire less.Because abrupt end of a phrase, something resembling a "Tattoo" and aggressive vocal pitch.About the potential success in England judged let reviewers NME and «Times», but in Russia this plating vocals unlikely to be a success.

In general, the new album Valeria a legitimate pride "for us".The singer joined the informal club of high-quality pop music on European standards - as high-tech albums already released "Tattoo" and Sergey Lazarev.In Lazarev, as opposed to "Tattoo", could not make a superhit, these same "sin" and the new album Valeria.However, the singer's claim to being called Russian Madonna, after the release of "uncontrollable / Out Of Control» is warranted.

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