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Lyudmila Artemiev: "Without the expression I'm bored"

Tell us about the film "Cinderella 4x4»
If I was given a film to a festival, I would, of course, was quite happy.We've got a wonderful family film, crazy and magic - in short, a kind of cake with a cherry on top.

you happy with your role?
I can somehow differentiate themselves in this film.Here all together - and gorgeous costumes, and a unique setting, and stunning scenery.Plus, the picture was very musical - just kind of rock opera.

film is positioned as a modern fairy tale.Do you like fairy tales?
I love fairy tales!All!I like the phone book - this is also a fairy tale;these figures mask some people with their own stories, their lives.The main thing - the desire to write them, if you want, you will succeed.As a child I loved fairy tales Hauff, Anderson.Now my main tale ever happened to me amazing experiences, fabulous events.It inspires.

How did you work on set?
I was undernourished shooting process.A total of fifty-two shifts, but at my disposal only a few nights.I have little idea who I

am and what I am.I thought I hit the magic.Around unfolded some action, shamanism, and we plunged headlong into it.

Were there any interesting situations on the court?Perhaps the magical, mystical?
Snow then walked, then stopped;before we really did shoot - already dawn;my hands were in the rings, which are constantly subsided.You could call it magic?I think yes.

how the rest of your relationship with your colleagues?
I had excellent colleagues.I was Pavel Filimonov, whose voice sounded, probably most of the commercials on television.I had Uliana Ivashchenko - a wonderful four-year creation: a more sensitive and delicate partner can only dream of.It was a real pleasure.

Do you have a great experience working with children.As you worked together with them at this time?
in work with children do not have the concept of "experience."Every child - a new world, a new soul, a new discovery.They are wonderful loafers, they always make it clear that life - it does not work, and never-ending party, try to do what they like.I have no concept of "creed", but I would like to adopt this position.Although it is only now, it is possible that tomorrow I will think differently.I do not like nailing yourself to some positions, because life is flying and everything changes: if a few years ago I was told that my life will have such a wonderful tale here, I probably would not have believed.

Do you have a favorite director?Who would you like to work?
This is a difficult question.We need to first of all love you.I enjoy the discoveries of those meetings, which take place.I really want to work more with Olga Muzalёvoy (director of the series "Taxi driver" - Approx. Ed.) I am pleased to once again co-starred with George Frost - a very extraordinary man, Ilya Hotinenko.By and large, a favorite director - is the one that takes you, but it is important that while working he persuaded you.

possible to say that the director on the set of "Cinderella" you convinced?
course!Convinced at least that I started to go with them to the beat, breathing in unison, sing it.

did you mean your profession?
expression and pleasure.You never buy ice cream, which you do not like.My job - this is what I love.I cope with it or not - is another question.No I'm bored expression.

What attracts you more - the movies or theater stage?
job in the theater was a wonderful experience.Each graduate of the Theatre Institute considers himself a genius, but the main actor formation takes place in the theater.Then, when the first steps have already been passed, really want to know, what is the film actress.This is a completely different feeling.Invariably, only one thing: every second you enjoy as in the theater and in the cinema.

you are most widely known as a comedienne.Is there something tragic role you want to play?
Frankly, I did not fully understand the concept of tragedy.All the same, in any tragedy there is something comic.Sometimes it seemed to me that I have all bad, just awful: I left crying, bystanders looked askance at me sympathetically.But then the tears disappeared, and I perceived the incident as the greatest good and blessing.In life, everything and comical and tragic at the same time.

Do you have a dream role?
I still wanted to play.I want to play all.My dream is to play a child - that would be very interesting, because in fact, all the adults - great kids.Many people are embarrassed of it, but great strides are making only those people who remain children.I mean, openness, honesty and, most importantly, the desire to do what you like.It is very interesting to play that falls from the sky to me.I just hand I substitute.So I wanted to play the fairy: Well, driving, positive.Because there is no notion of good apart from evil.We are not bad and not good - we are all in place.

you follow the novelties of Russian cinema?Can anything be noted?
I even films with his participation do not see (Laughs.).I dont have an opportunity.I look mostly some concerts on DVD - jazz, classical.Very fond of animation.Today in music I like the style chill out - an incredible range of names and authors.Sometimes I put a record of birds, listen to their singing.But again, all this - only here and now;Tomorrow, it is possible, everything will be different.

you are friends with the world?
Good question.I am the world and the world is me.I do not even know how it is - not to be friends with the world.

You risible man?Do you often change your mood?
Yes, I'm easily amused.And my mood changes frequently.God, how much I know about myself (Laughs.)

I think you're a very positive person.Yet, there you have depression?
No.Never.Sometimes the feeling that I know nothing.Wisdom, where are you?No it.I watch for themselves, for other people, for the situation: draw conclusions and gain experience.

you love people?
I believe that the other person is the same as I do, and I'm the same as him.He just chose one way of self-realization, and I - the other.And this is a miracle - we are all free.

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