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Dima Bilan with the scandal left Prague


Unexpected accident occurred because of native Russian Airlines without explanation canceled the flight.

- Oh, it was a real scandal!- Said Dima.- I even got into a fight with the staff of the airport because they did not want to let us in on the flight, despite the fact that we had bought a business class fare.

After the artists were informed that their flight would have to move to another time, Dima could not resist and went in person to understand the reasons of the representatives of the airline.


- so I had to fly this flight, - I had to catch the one event in Moscow - shared with "TD" Bilan.- And suddenly pounced on me and the employee of the Czech Airport starts to be rude to me and push me!

Bilan, as we know, a man is not timid, and can stand up for themselves.Dima did not tolerate insults and Barker said the same.

- You, asshole, do you allow yourself ?!- I could not resist shouted Dima and got into a fight.

Only after replacing whimsical airport worker came more loya

l employees, Dima Bilan and Evgeni Plushenko planted on the plane.