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I do not know what they write about me.I'm not particularly vdayus into details and not really dispute what's written in the newspapers, because they do what they want.Likewise, you can turn all the words and write the way you want ... I calmly to this attitude.

you wrote and released his first book "ahead."But every building should be a motive, an inner necessity.

There was Nika thought that such a project can be carried out here.Just in Japan at the 2002 World Cup I was approached by people of Japanese publishers and asked to write a biography.Well, I am, in principle, do not have long thought and agreed.Then came the hard days when 2 hours before every ice show (100 performances on American cities every day) I was dictating the material.Then he had to read all this, check the facts, dates.Much I sent my mother ... The most difficult time - to write about my childhood, because I almost do not remember what happened in my life.Every day there are new people, new experiences, and all this is very

difficult to restore.I remember what it was 2-3 years ago, but I remember the past with difficulty ... when Dad left the family when the carrots stolen from the refrigerator (some have lived in a communal apartment) - I do not remember, I just had toMom restore events.

And not scary like that in the book itself inside out to turn out?

We - people publicly.A book written really openly, but without crossing any moral human faces.The book gave me the opportunity to provide answers to people on many of their questions.Why I went to Tarasova, what happened next and how it all happened.I'm on this, by the way, I never said.I do not tell that I was approached by the President of the Federation and said that my career is over, if I go by Mishin.I was silent before that happy to ride on those events where the brigade of judges was not the Russians.Because Russian judges who were behind me ... they simply were not allowed in the tournament.All were in favor of Eugene Plushenko and Mishin.But Tatiana Tarasova - strong and strong-willed person, and she has always sought to athletes it was good, but not the President of the Federation.This book is dedicated to all of my three women - my mother, my grandmother and Tatiana Anatolievna.They played a huge role in my life.

What is the further development of your initiatives?

I just stick through life this way: what would you have not worked, you should at least understand about what you do and try to do it as best as possible.Otherwise, it makes no sense.I know I sit and write, I will not.
I like TV and movies.Now I am in the television series, his work called "Hot Ice".I'm interested in the genre, and there's a lot to learn.Acting is very similar to the skill on the ice, these two things are similar.And I'm one helps and pushes on a higher level in another.Therefore, it is TV, film music.I like to grow in this regard.As for the song I sang together with Vika Dayneko, it was the first step.It was of course uncomfortable and scary.And now I'm going to work on the vocals.
Vick said that will deal with my vocals as Sasha Saveliev.But at the moment the main work - figure skating.And during this time I have more work than after the Olympic Games.
Hard course, but saves that there are people who go to the factory to work them hard.And I still work more creatively.

Do you have your favorite images on the ice?

Never in my life did not single out anyone.In his program, like everything.I generally calm in this respect man.Today I eat potatoes, tomorrow - herring, the day after tomorrow - the land.Also, I like any program.Whichever way you did not take, you have to get used to it, you need to skate it in his grasp.And no matter what you do on the ice at the moment - kidding serious drama or go merry dance.
In fact, what makes a person a professional?Not when he goes in one direction, and he is able, like a chameleon, adapt - one thing after another, then the third.As for life, I'm often asked the question: "What do you like or -TSSK Spartak, or Whitney Houston or Alexander Savelyev?" ... .Well Is certainly difficult course .. Sasha ...
I can not single out anyone, to emphasize.Each person has both positive and negative sides.And most importantly - it's good to take for yourself to improve yourself first.

Do the sporting quality of life?

course.All of life is a complex process, its meaning - to overcome.Therefore, the book, by the way, is called - "straight ahead."Sometimes you need to gather before the next jump.Athletes easier, they have hardened.What's in sports, in life - survival of the fittest.

That's listening to you, and compare with the shark, whose whole life is in motion, and if she stopped, she would die.

can certainly drop everything ... but I'm just used to the movement, to some crossings.By the end of the second week of vacation I am looking for something to do.At the same time I have my own transport company in St. Petersburg, I have been selling real estate in lrugih countries.
And as always happens - the silence, all lumped together.I now have about a period.Of course, it is hard, but when you go to bed, you realize that a lot has happened.To live in a constant adrenaline, when there is always a small risk - it's fun.
And there in you the awareness that you are - from St. Petersburg?
If I had stayed in St. Petersburg to 27 years, and then decided to go to Moscow, probably, my opinion would be different.I love and I love this city, but I left and started to move when I was 12-13 years old, lived in America for 6 years.I am a supporter of faster cities more modern.I can not say I'm in the shower Muscovite, but it is much more interesting in Moscow.And I seriously believe that Moscow - the capital of the world at the moment.All the money there.When I came to Peter, it seems that I came out of the city, and life stops.I love the way around the vanity, energy movement.Maybe later, when I have a family, I look differently at the whole situation ...

What should be the woman to Alexei Yagudin drew attention to it?

We meet, we on clothes, and live it to us with the inner world.Therefore, the most important thing to me, that a man inside.

How to relieve fatigue?

In Russia we actually drink.But alcohol - is the enemy, everything slows down with him, and with him will never have time to do nothing.For example, I like to soak in the bath with salt, where all sorts of flavors.And just at least one day to sleep - that it helps me a lot.
not know when Alexei Yagudin implement this idea - just to sleep.Watching him from the side, I began to wonder whether he and the rest at all.All the time the speaker - interviews, meetings with readers, performances in the "Ice Age" (even during the show in the secret recesses of make-up Alexey wastes no time and spare moments playing with Kostomarov ping-pong).But here's what you believe without question, so it is that in figure skating all his life.This plastic, love, dedication and courage do not often get to watch.In this, perhaps it is all, Alexei Yagudin - the move ahead!

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