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Features of growing daylilies

vyraschivaniyalileynikov methods.

main task for growing daylilies is to create optimal conditions for the life of the flowers.A characteristic feature of almost all varieties of daylilies is that you need to plant flowers vzatenennyh locations, as do in their homeland.However, modern growers, on the basis of their skills, declare that all the flowers, including daylilies, stretch ksolntsu.Therefore, in our area it is best to listen to the advice given ivysazhivat flowers on the sunny areas of your front garden.If you want to daylily was grown in your home, get to a room with bolshimkolichestvom lighting.The bright sun, dry weather, neutral or slabokislayapochva - these are the factors that will ensure the normal development of flowers, as well as to carry out a minimum pozvolyatvam care.

Some varieties of daylilies vozdushnyerozetki form in the axils of leaves on the stem, similar to small clumps.When vkontse summer at such outlets appear roots they can be planted in the ground, odnakopri this you s

hould always moisturize the soil, preventing it drying out.

If your flowers do not appear sockets and roots, you will need to cut the stems, leaving above and below the outlet of chetyresantimetra.Then the obtained seedlings should be introduced into the ground as the etodelayut with blueberries.The best time for grafting, yavlyaetsyato when your outlet will be three pairs of leaves.If you have found rozetkuv later period, when the street was cold, put it in gruntuzhe impossible.One solution to this problem will serve as planting cuttings vpomeschenii, but we must see to it that the landing was umerennoprohladnym.Rooting flower comes in a customary growth bolshinstvarasteny.

How daylilies propagate?

One of the easiest ways to breeding daylilies yavlyaetsyarazdelenie bush.With this method, there are no such difficulties as groundwater vysadkacherenkov artificial, like a flower about two times a year is divided estestvennymputem.You can simply dig a flower separated and transplanted it into drugoemesto.

In one garden of growing daylilies mozhetprodolzhatsya, without the use of transplants for fifteen years.However nadootmetit that leave flower for such a long period of time without peresadoknezhelatelno as happens degeneration flowers and worsen kachestvolistvy.Such processes obuslavlivayutsyanehvatkoy medium.For good growth and optimal division rekomenduetsyaperesadka daylily after every five years.To do this, dig rasteniepolnostyu, shake or wash it with soil.Bushes 'old' increases the ones that have grown strongly, before removing from the soil should shatter ipokachat then untwist and straighten the roots.In the old rhizome neobhodimoprovesti cut - make it necessary for each new obrazovaniyaostavalas root collar kidney.

Sometimes it happens that when neostorozhnomobraschenii daylily breaks off from escape, and the flower is not part of the root, in which case it should not be discarded.It is necessary to trim the foliage dovosmi centimeters and implement deeper planting.When soblyudeniiregulyarnogo soil moisture, the plant will soon appear roots.

Another method of vegetative razmnozheniyalileynikov is as follows: on the basis of a thick rhizome lileynikaraspolagayutsya dormant buds, then you need a little flower crop.Do etonuzhno at the base of the main stem where the leaves grow.In rezultatechego reactivation occurs dormant buds, from which grow new pobegi.Primenyat this method is better in the spring, when there is the beginning of growth and razmerlistev reaches its maximum size (ten centimeters).Then at vasobrazuetsya to twenty young shoots.

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